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Enn'nu Min

Still Hands

Every skilled artisan, labourer, musician and professional has heard of this disease. Well, most. Okay, realistically only those in cities.
Enn'nu Min is a silent, slow, painful killer of dreams and fortunes. And, it seems to not care who it afflicts. The young? Old? Fair? Smart? Dull Witted .... regardless of species ... all seem to be possible targets for Still Hands. 
As the name states, this illness cripples those in afflicts. It slowly and with pain paralyses hands. In some the progression is quick, days. And, for others years. It's rarity means that few medical professionals will recognize it, and almost no settlement without a Citadel will have Brothers who can identify it. 

Transmission & Vectors

This disease is has no known transmission vectors. There is no evidence that it is transmissible.


Current theories by Doctors of the Realm are that this disease is caused by a nutritional imbalance. It is thought that those who develop this illness do so because some nutrient is lacking in their diet. This theory is controversial, but currently the theory that the majority of realm Doctors, and other biological professions are investigating. 
But, due the rarity of the disease, research is slow.


Still Hands has only one symptom. Those afflicted with the disease slowly and painfully loose the use of their hands. It starts with the loss of fine motor control with a slight tingling sensation when the hands are used. Many just think thet they are fatigued. Any number of reasons are used to explain the lost of control and numbness. And, depending on the nature of the Citizen's livelihood the symptoms are noted with various degrees of concern.
It is not surprising that the majority of Citizen's who report symptoms early are artisans, muscisions and highly skilled technical workers 
As the disease progresses, motor control and movement fail, pain increases and eventually the Citizen's hands freeze still in a horrible claw rictus shape, and the Citizen experiences constant pain.


Currently, treatment requires the intervention of a ranked Paragon, and the use of Ee-Loque. Through the skilled manipulation of Breath a knowledgable Paragons can completely cure the disease. 
This service comes with a cost, naturally, and it is typically paid with surrender of an amount Breath. Further the Paragons have to determine if such an intervention is a act of Her Will. Because, sometimes, it may not be.

Those of means can easily pay this cost, but those without the means to pay must suffer and take pain killing medications for their rest of their lives, or chose drastic measures. 

They can enter Faid until such time as their family or friends can pay the Breath price.
They can have the afflicted hand amputated.


The damage to the motor skills of the afflicted can not be reversed. Perhaps, one day if a cure were to be discovered, and not just a preventative diet, the ravages of the disease may be corrected.

Affected Groups

Currently, both evolved and uplifted peoples are susceptible to this illness. Elves seem to have a higher chance of developing this illness. There has not been any significant research on whether primitive species suffer from this disease.


If the Realm's Doctors and medical experts determine which nutrients are lacking, then it should be possible to prescribe a preventative diet for Citizens.

Cultural Reception

Those who become afflicted with the disease are not shunned, but cared for. Citizen's understand that they can not 'catch' Still Hands, and the suffering it can cause not only the afflicted individual. but their family can be very traumatizing. 
In the more cosmopolitan cities of the Realm many engineers have developed clever prosthetics for those who chose ampuation.
Chronic, Acquired

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