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Nestoriel's Grasp

Nestoriels grasp it’s a condition that its based on the divine blessing from said goddess. If the divine blessing is not paid out fully after 24 hours, the small black ooze fuses with the body of the person, creating an intricate version of Nestoriel - The Blight Hunger's symbol at the entry point. Other then the symbol, there is no change in the person until the next long rest.

Transmission & Vectors

The condition can not be transmitted, since it is stricktly connected to the blessing granted to a certain person.


The sickness is caused by the ooze upon not honoring the cost of Nestoriel's Divine Blessings If a person dies due to the condition the ooze will leave the body through the mark and transport all the collected materials to the outer plane of Gehenna.


After the first long rest, the person feels exhausted, as if they barely slept. The pupils of the person turn black,  and it is hard for the person to gift gifts. They are now attracted to anything shiny, or expensive, and generally distrusting of strangers.   On the second day the person is no longer able to purchase or trade anything for its actual value without haggling. Paying money physical pains the person and the mark doubles in size each time they do. The player takes one point of exhaustion starting on day two and an additional one for each passing day.
On the third day the person starts stealing from strangers if given the possibility. They loose much of their understanding of the world, their intelligence is reduced to five at the wisdom to 8, but they become restless and their dexterity increases to 16 or remains higher. Evil (& neutral) charaters will even be proud of their stealing, possibly flaunt it, while good characters will try to hide it and feel dreadful guilt.    The day fourth the persons are stealing from the people they used to like, including partymenbers or family. At this point they consider everyone but themselves to be evil and dangerous and they can no longer be reasoned with anymore.   On the fifth day the whole eye fills in black and the person can a longer hand anything to another person, and will not let anyone touch "their" stuff. They are in a constant state of paranoia and confusion and will forget to eat or drink at the fear of losing anything as plain as a piece of bread. They will try to barricade themselves into any structure they find and just try to accumulate as many things as possible and are willing to fight anyone to the death that enters.   On day seven, the character reaches level 6 exhaustion and dies.


The idea that the sickness is based in greed can be understood by a religion or insight check DC15. 
It is unlikely that thuis is  known to the person, but it can be cured with a greater restoration and a medicine check DC20. The sign will fade but not disappear there is no way to get rid of it without the use of a wish spell. As long as the mark remains, Nestoriel will not grant her blessing again.
Chronic, Acquired


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