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Epidermal abrasion

Written by Mel'Aad
Mel'Aad didn't know what to do anymore! How was he going to tell the captain that he had just broken one of the crewmembers? The woman was laying on the ground, clearly bleeding a lot from her hands and Mel'Aad floated near her. The Kal'Ten was trying his best to comfort the woman whilst also trying to calm himself. She didn't need him showing any fear in her final moments, it was important to keep as relaxed as possible, making the leaving process easier. Mel'Aad shrieked as the woman stood up.
"No, please just stay down," he reprimanded with clear panic in his voice.
"Oh relax, this is noth-" The woman couldn't even finish her sentence as Mel'Aad pushed her down to a seated position again.
"Please stay seated, it makes the leaving easier." Now he really panicked, he had never seen anyone get up after such a wound, this must be some neurological response to mortal wounds.
  "What's going on here?" Mel'Aad shrieked again after hearing the low, growly voice of the captain. How was Ezra so quick to find them?
"This guy is being excessive. He-"
"I didn't mean it! I wasn't paying attention, it was an accident. I accidentilly bumped into her and I didn't mean to kill her!" Mel'Aad panicked, his skin turning more red with every passing minute. The Kal'Ten was shocked by how calm the two Humans stayed in this situation, didn't they see that she was bleeding out? In the meantime Ezra pulled out his hanckerchief and gave it to Emilie, who quickly cleaned up the now drying blood on her hand.
"Okay Mel'Aad, just let me get this straight, you bumped into Emilie causing her to fall down and scrape her hand a little, and you think she's bleeding out?" The Kel'Tan nodded, a gesture he had learned during his time on the ship, and Ezra continued: "Okay, no need to panic, scrapes happen all the time, they will heal in a couple of days no problem. So Mel'Aad, if you'd just escort Emilie to Medbay to get it desinfected and covered up everything will be just fine, no one is dying that quickly yet."
Humans will not die from scrapes


Rubbing skin across a rough surface will harm the upper layers of the skin and grind it away. According to research, it is possible to grind of multiple skin layers at ones.


Most abrasions will heal naturally without leaving scar tissue, although it seems important that is it cleaned and desinfected. After desinfecting, abrasions need to be covered up to avoid debris getting into the abrasion and to avoid getting blood onto other surfaces.

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Cover image: by Eallixy, picture by NASA (via Unsplash)


Author's Notes

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