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Agroth Possession

Those who are possessed by an Agroth live horrible lives. Just imagine it - the fear that something malicious, something that feeds on your negative emotions, might take control at any moment it wants to, forcing you to do horrible things to other people. It will go to great length to prevent you from telling anyone about it, too.

The afflicted are forced to live lonely, and usually rather short, lives in despair.

— Arch Druid Vinior

Agroth possession is a condition where the afflicted is possessed by an Agroth, just like the name implies.

How The Agroth Possess

There is only one way to be possessed by an Agroth; you need to be close to one. This is, luckily, pretty hard as the current estimated number of Agroth on Shireon is two. The Agroth seeks you out when you're at your most vurnerable, like when you think you're dying, then asks if it's okay to share as payment for saving you from your dire situation. There's no more specifics about what you'll have to share, but how can you say no? At this point you'd do anything to get out of your current situation, and nothing could be worse than what's you're currently going through.

The truth is, if you knew what the agreement entailed, you'd probably choose differently. What the Agroth wants to share is your body, and it doesn't have the same goals as you have.

You And Your Agroth

So, you get possessed by an Agroth. What can you expect?

It might take a while before you notice anything, really. You're saved from your horrible situation and might think that you were just lucky, and that the voice you heard inside your head was just your imagination. Days, even weeks, might pass until you even notice anything different. Still, the Agroth will eventually grow restless, bored, hungry. It will show you what the deal really meant. It will take control of your body. This is when you'll realize you're in deep trouble.

Maybe you'll try to tell someone that you have something sinister inside. Yet, after trying that a few times you realize the Agroth can read your mind. It knows what you're about to do. It's no effort at all for it to take control of your body to prevent that from happening.

You'll soon figure out that the Agroth has one goal - to make you feel as horrible as possible. It will go to great lengths to achieve this. It might start by insulting your loved ones. The vile words will slowly evolve into violence, even murder. All you can do is watch through your own eyes, hearing the Agroth's words spoken with your voice, as your body does appalling things. You can do nothing to stop it.

Your Fate

Few of those who are possessed by an Agroth live for very long. The lawbringers of Shireon will not accept you going around murdering people. If you don't get arrested, they will hunt you down and probably kill you after a while. It might take a few years, maybe a few decades if you're really unlucky, but death will come for you.

Most likely you will find this as a blessing.

Can You Get Unpossessed?

Realistically? No.

Don't get me wrong, there is a way. The druids in Mynelion have recently found a way to remove the Agroth from a possessed person with at least a small chance of survival. Yet, this is not common knowledge, and Mynelion is so far away from, well, anywhere. The chances that you'll even hear about it is microscopic.

Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare

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