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Leaf Blight: A Clinical Study and Scientific Brief

Hariel Ward | Flock of Fae Studies, Extermination Division | CIL Scientific Council   Leaf Blight is conferred by one specific Fae species, commonly referred to as ‘Pixies’ by their Faekind counterparts. The purpose of this study is to identify the origin and transmission of this disease, and determine whether it can be weaponized against the larger / more dangerous Fae varities.   Keywords: pixie, pix, fae, faerie, faekind, disease, biological weapon testing, vivisection   Introduction   Numerous reports have been made, by field agents and spies alike, of the intense warfare practiced by Pixies against others of their own kind. This revelation does not surprise anyone in the CIL, as it only confirms what we know to be true - Faekind is barbaric and murderous, and will viciously genocide even their own people if given the chance. Nevertheless, this disease offers the CIL a unique opportunity to secure a weapon that may slip past their natural defenses and aid us in the righteous war against them.   Symptoms   The effects of Leaf Blight begin to show almost immediately after transmission. Brown and yellow mottling begins to spread outward from the initial point of contact, towards the throat, heart, and other vital organs. The victim’s skin becomes dry and shriveled, mimicking that of a plant suffering under similar maladies.   In only a day (or less) the victim loses consciousness - once they’ve reached that point, our scientists have never seen them awaken again. We’ve not fully determined how the internal biological systems of Pixies function, due to difficulties in studying our test subjects1, but respiratory systems seem heavily labored throughout the progression of the disease.   Within 48 hours, the victim dies.   Treatment   There is no known treatment available for this disease. On one occasion, we promised to free a Pixie subject if it would heal an affected victim under observation, but it refused to comply2 and in fact claimed that a cure was not possible. This lack of cure is the primary driver for the Council’s interest in weaponizing the disease for our own purposes.
1Full disclosure - the interns keep squishing them   2This Pixie was transferred to the Leaf Blight test subject queue


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