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The Eternal Wondering

A curse given by hag, this forces the spirit of the dead to wonder for all eternity. This curse can be specific to an action that the spirit is forced to as well.   Many cultures fear this condition as the main state is death and the inability to find peace after death.   For example, the Forged have run into a ghost ship that has been cursed by the hags of Shatterhull.   This ghost pirate ship travels through the seas. These ghost typically ignore the living on the sea, being able to sail through everything. They have a hard time perceiving the living since they are so focused on the actions of their curse. The captain is a brawny female water genasi named Cassie, with a scar on her right eye, a black dress, and the stereotypical pirate hat. The sea hags cursed Cassie, the ship and her crew for all eternity, making them want to look for a cure, or a way to finally die. They’ve been sailing the seas for 259 years.   The ghosts cannot be destroyed and must continue to sail the seas forever.


The curse is the result having your spirit pulled out via a ritual that creates a zombie of your body and binds your spirit to repeat an action.


  • Obsession with an action designated by the hag.
  • Inability to be destroyed or moved on.


The only way to end the curse is to destroy the personal item that has been taken from the people that forces them to stay on this plane and gives hags control over them.




Staying away from sea hags

Cultural Reception

Many cultures fear this as when they die they want to be able to move on to the afterlife associated with their god. Not be forced to stay on this plane, never to rest or see their loved ones again.
Affected Species

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