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Fánn Aro

Fánn Aro (the blood curse) is a supernatural parasitic disease transmitted by bite. The parasite infects its host, slowly replacing the host's blood with a dark ichor. The host body enters a state of undeath, compelled to drink blood to feed the parasite that resides in its body. In return, the parasite grants the host exceptional strength and strange magical powers.

Transmission & Vectors

Fánn Aro is transmitted through a host biting another creature but not fully consuming their blood. Strong hosts often create hives, perpetuating the spread of the parasite and finding protection in numbers.


The parasite is a small fish-like creature that resides in the host's heart. Once a host has been bitten and the parasite transmitted, the parasite feeds on the hosts blood over the course of several days. Eventually, all of the host's blood is replaced by a dark ichor and the transformation is complete.


The major symptom is the desire to consume blood. Secondarily, the host is granted supernatural strength and a number of magical abilities. The host also develops sensitivity to sunlight due to a reaction with the dark ichor in their veins.


Once a host has been fully transformed, treatment is basically impossible. Leading up to that, however, an infected individual can be treated through a lengthy and arduous process involving both mundane and magical methods used to remove the ichor and kill the parasite.

Affected Groups

The most commonly infected are adventurers that find themselves in over their heads in a host's lair. Outside of those poor adventurers, the most common infection involves a slow and steady process of converting a small village into a hive.


Many legends exist for how to prevent a host from infecting a person. Adventures that have had encounters with these creatures will tell you most of these are untrue. The best method of prevention is to avoid the lairs of these creatures and not allow strangers into your home.
Chronic, Acquired

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