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I hope this work will please and aid the Emperor and the Great Masters and Generals. I thank my patrons in the Tzihan family of the High Wave Clan, who have seen worth in this foreign scholar and lent support. This paper owes a debt to past scholars and the Imperial libraries and records. Also the priests of The Order of Heaven and the most excellent followers of Quezhaxa who helped to find the writings of past scholars.
Asibu Goa
Sage of the Imperial University, Lanhou. Imp 1362
  All through the Empire and beyond many are afflicted by the cursed disease of Lycanthropy. This is the condition which produces the Werewolf, Werebear and Wereboar, amongst others. It is much feared because the infected become overthrown by rages and delirium. They attack any and all in proximity and those not slain become infected (frequently) and spread the disease. In this way a whole village may be destroyed within just a few weeks.

Transmission & Vectors

The Spirits that cause the Lycanthropic disease are not able to take root in Phlegmatic and watery bodies nor those that are too cold. All warm bodied beings have been noted with infection - even huge Titans ones. Minotaur and Cat-people ( Bahku ), and monsters like Bugbear and Ghenid creatures may be afflicted. Centaurs seem to resist it as no records have been found of the half-horse becoming lycanthropes. The dead and undead are resistant, as are the Lizardkings ( Octnon ).
The scholars all agree that the bite and claw of the true werebeast is what transfers the condition. A curse or ill behavior may make one favored by the demon spirit that pretends to be the lycanthrope but only produced partial changes and without the influence of the moons. The bite of the demon possessed does not cause the infection.


Ifi was the first to examine the stories and myths of the Werewolf and other Lycanthropes in the United Kingdom period (Imp yr 117). Werewolves and Wereboars were known all across the Shards. It was agreed to spread from one to another by bites and wounds and the evil spirit of the beast placing a curse on the victim.
The Skinchangers and Beast men of the Golam lands were studied in IMP 624 by Nazoto. While lycanthropes were known to the Golam, they believed them to obey the Skinchangers, and the Beastmen were believed to be immune. It wasn't until 892 that it was recorded by Baza that Beastmen could be possessed by only their own kind - wolf by wolf, boar by boar, etc. They lost all reason and had been believed simply demon possessed and never gained the trick of true human form while gaining animal and more bestial forms of their animal kind.
Early encounters with Olia showed them also familiar with werebeasts. Their Druids and primitive spirit worship classed the born Lycanthrope which possessed some greater control over the evil spirit, the spirit ridden who were possessed by either angry vengeful beast spirits or evil spirits that brought forth beast like form and behavior. These possessed can not fully change - gaining fangs, claws and demonic strength. They do not pass on infection by bite or wound, but the demon spirit may jump to a new host. The demon werebeast is not sensitive to silver and may be slain by normal weapons, in most cases. Lastly are the true Were that are infected by another. In 743 the first battles in the freeing Olia from it's primitive ways showed the Druids had some powers over the Werebeasts. Though fearsome, they did not fight in groups and armies and could quickly be drawn off, immobilized and destroyed.


It is primarily the Dark Beast moon that draws out the transformation to Werebeast. The Light of the Pale moon can cause transformation but only to a full beast form. The great sage Vann observed that the affliction is reflected in the tides of the ocean, which also increase and decrease in connected to the moons, and postulated that the pull of the moons unbalanced the watery humors and allowed the beast to emerge.
Wounds ( where the blood emerges, again unbalancing the fluid of the body) also can cause the Werebeast to transform. Zhimota under the blessing of the Holy Church and the Emperor conducted tests in 903. She found that captive Olian Born werebeasts were able to change at anytime. The bitten changed only under the influence of the moons and wounds or torment of the body.


Wolfsbane eaten soon after infection is said to block the evil spirit, though it is poison and some do die from the remedy. Exorcism, magics that negate curses and those that banish illness may have effect in the possessed or infected, but the born seem incurable.
The lycanthrope has enormous healing ability, even regrowing limbs over time. They resists and recover from all manner of normal wounds - but not magics nor fire, and they may be drowned. They are slain by silver, which blocks them from healing. Attempts to cure the condition with elixirs of silver salts or rubs have not had the desired effects.


The lycanthropes of the Shards were mostly exterminated in the Holy Order of Heaven's Crusades under the Purple Jade Emperors in the 400 to 500's. Likewise the fae were gathered and exiled at this time.
Zhimota under the blessing of the Holy Church and the Emperor conducted tests in 903. Attempts to use lycanthropes as army units failed as they might fight amongst themselves or attack Imperial troops. The born showed no loyalty and sought escape or attacked Imperial troops. The bitten may not recall having changed and when in lycanthropic form act with cunning demon beast minds without regard to training or mission. It was believed that perhaps the training of Beastmen slaves - submissive and obedient from youth might be used.  This too failed as the beastmen became more like unto Demonbeasts and turned on their masters and betters.  The generals ended investigations and had the test subjects and the facilities burned.

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