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Thaumic Poisoning


Thaumic poisoning is the result of either inhalation or ingestion of ogarine. The specific amount necessary to trigger the condition varies between species and individuals, but recent experiments have show that the dosage is inversely proportional to the patients innate capacity for the arcane arts. In other words, the stronger someone's potential to become a powerful mage, the less ogarine is needed to trigger poisoning.   Thaumic poisoning is dissimilar to other, more conventional, poisons, in that it does not display any symptoms until the critical threshold has been reached.   The root cause of the condition is currently thought to be ogarine particles interfering, or enhancing certain biological and thaumological functions of the body, thus disrupting the natural intake and release of thaumic energies, damaging the body, and creating a positive feedback loop that, if left untreated, will lead to the death of the patient.   Unfortunately due to the physiology of all know species being unable to either break down or excrete oagrine naturally from any biological system, thaumic poisoning becomes a certainty given enough time, even with only moderate exposure to sources, unless preventative steps are taken. Many apothecaries and alchemists have discovered ways to either extract ogarine directly from a living organism, or to facilitate the bodies expulsion through the use of potions.   Multiple cases of thaumic poisoning have occured where the posibility of ogarine exposure has been ruled out. Due to this, it is probable there are other, less likely causes of thaumic poisoning.


Increased magical ability,  Increased magical potency,  Headaches,  Fever,  Cramps,  Involuntary spell casting,  Raw mana discharge,  Seizures,  Organ failure (multiple types),  Stroke,  Total organ failure,  Death,  Immolation


Treatment for patients suffering from thaumic poisoning should only be undertaken by professional physicians with access to adequate facilities. Grade 0 through grade 4 healing spells should not be used under any circumstances. Grade 5 through grade 7 healing spells are highly discouraged.


Until the specific critical amount of ogarine is present in the body, no effects are expressed.   Immediately following the passing of the critical amount, formally the start of the condition, the patient will experience an increase in magical output and potency. This seemingly positive benefit will grow exponentially through the remainder of the first phase of poisoning, usually lasting between seven and ten days.   The second phase of poisoning sees the rate of thaumic energy exchange outpace the bodies ability to contain and control it. At this stage the bodies thaumic functions will continue to increase, while damaging and cannibalizing biological functions. Caution should be taken as the patient may spontaneously and involuntarily either cast unstructured or random spells, or expel raw magical energy, both of which may be harmful to the patient or anyone attempting to treat them.   The inevitable conclusion to a case of thaumic poisoning left untreated is the death of the patient. Should the patient have shown an especially high magical aptitude, caution should be taken as the massive levels of magical energy in the body at the time of death may become unstable, either expressing as high level magics or just exploding.


Following recovery from stage one thaumic poisoning, the patient should return to thaumic activity levels typical to them before the condition. In a small number of cases, some or all of the increased ability remains in the patient, even if they previously showed no magical aptitude at all.   For survivors of stage two thaumic poisoning, there is an expected decrease in magical ability with no know way to restore it. This extends up to, and including complete loss of all thaumological functions. It is believed that this is a result of the damaged biological functions cannibalizing the bodies thaumological function in order to repair themselves.


The single best step to avoiding thaumic poisoning is to avoid ingesting or inhaling ogarine.   Regarding ingestion, ogarine appears naturally as a light blue, softly glowing stone, while processed ogarine is commonly formed into small pearls, up to the size of a chickens egg, or larger bricks. Do not intentionally eat any of these in any amount.   A possible concern for most people is the common practice of using ogarine, either raw or processed, as an ingredient in many common potions. This should not be a cause for alarm because in the production process, that ogaring is broken down entirely. For this reason, it is important to only buy from trusted alchemists and apothecaries. Many stores will also test potions for remaining ogarine, usually for a small fee.   As for inhalation, ogarine does not readily appear as a gas or vapor, so the primary concern is dust. Ogarine dust is present in nearly all location in minute amounts, far less than all but the most critically sensitive individuals would need to worry about over the course of several lifetimes. Primary exceptions to this are mining and processing locations of ogarine rich deposits, where breathing filters of either magical or mundane origin should be used.   In the event of a suspected high exposure to ogarine, and symptoms of ogarine poisoning have not yet begun to display, preventative steps should be taken with a physician, or one of a variety of commercially available poitions may be taken. These are commonly labeled as 'mana flushes', 'magika purges', etc.   An important note, once symptoms of thaumic poisoning begin showing, do not ingest any potion either containing ogarine as an ingredient, or that interact with the thaumic systems of the body, including anti-thaumic poisoning potions, as they will increase the rate of thaumic cascade, quickening death.


Thaumic poisioning has been known about since long before the founding of the Empire of Thrain, and possibly even before the advent of the arcane arts.
Also Known As:
  • Mana Poisoning
  • Magika Poisoning
  • Mana Fever
  • Spell Fever
  • Ogarine Fever
  • Ogarine Poisoning

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