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Corrosive Necrodermatitis

This strange illness didn't appear until after the Plague Sector, whose entire jaw was affected in his youth. Due to the efforts of the world-renowned Dr Luck, his life was saved with the only cost requiring him to wear a modified gas mask everywhere.
  In more extreme cases, amputations, or even Cyberization should vital organs be damaged as well. Since cyberization is a lengthy process, victims requiring this procedure would likely need to spend years in the hospital, usually wearing bandages over the affected areas throughout the day between operations. Between Corrosive Necrodermatitis, the recent outgrowth of Draxyl's plant infections, and other dangerous abnormalities, the entirety of the Plague Sector has become a dangerous sector that the media fear to venture into, even with drones.
  If anyone outside of the Plague Sector is found with this disease, it is extremely likely that they, along with anyone they've been in extended contact with, will be hastily relocated and their former residence burned to the ground.


It's hard to say where I got the inspiration for this particular disease. I think I built the entire concept around Constantine with his corroded jawline. As a whole, I'm aware that the entire Plague Sector was inspired by a game called .flow.

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