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Prompt 2: The Spores

Those unlucky to breath it in will die slowly for years without even knowing. Those who begin to show signs of the spores infection are already to far gone. All who work the mines or factories have a risk of gaining the spores. Though you never hear of anyone near the core showing signs of infection, only those who live in the slums seems to be doomed by its effects. - A member of the slums
The spores are a fungal infection that infects the lungs of anyone who breaths them in. This fungal infection will slowly damage the lung as it grows and festers inside of it. It is common among miners and factory workers to develop the spore. Outside of being able to get it from individuals in the late stages of infection, no one fully knows the source.   Interesting enough only those in the slums or in the frozen lands get it. Never those closer to the essence generator. One possibility is that the radiation given off by the generator, may very well burn out the spores. This may explain why those who come in contact with the energy from the generators, show no sign of infection.

Transmission & Vectors

Anyone can gain it by breathing the spores either from someone int he late stages of infection or from the yet unknown source.  It is also believed to be spread through saliva, though has yet to be proven.

The Spores has taken another one leaving another family ruined.

 This has lead many to fear going into the mines after another miner tosurvive a cave in ended up dead a couple years later. The foremen of the mine has reassured that their is no evidence that the miners gained the spores from the mines. -Salire Times Article
Affected Species

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