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Blue Scale


  The Dragonkin of Sklavig are known to have little to no fear especially when it comes to war or murder. Within the Dragonkin civilization a deep fear is kept in the back of their mind and with the inability to speak about fears many outside of their culture would never know. That Fear is from a creature many deem as annoying not a creature to be feared; a common tick. It's not necessarily the tick that is feared so much as the pathogens that the tick can carry.   

Bog Tick: 

The small black ticks are found in the North-Eastern Swamplands that lie at the border between Sklavig and Reclipsar. The Bog ticks live the majority of their lives right in the bog feeding on small creatures that live in the trees. Unfortunately, these creatures are also feeding on a very poisonous form of mushroom that lives on the trees in the area.    How does the disease manifest?  Early symptoms include difficulty breathing. Lethargy. Not wanting to eat as much.  Muscles begin to lock around the body and will not release.  Brain and neurological problems begin in the 4th week generally leading to death shortly as the brain is ravished and ruined.    Curable or not Curable?  Curable but the cure is not readily available to the lower class citizens.    Why are they afraid of it? It means you are going to die and its not necessarily an easy death.    How do they get it? Mosquito-type bug, the wound is left and. normal bug bites are itchy... but when they are bit by a bug with this particular disease it will cause the scale around the original bug bite to fall off adding another early warning sign for the one who is a bit.    When does it onset shortly after a bit symptoms can be seen with maybe a day?    Muscle Contractions that don't go away. (LockJaw, Rabies)    Mental Disorder and delirium    The length it takes to onset is about a month.   The pathogen is only derived from a swap to the east that festers a breeding ground for the mosquitos.. these mosquitos will bite on small rodents in the forest who have been ingesting a mushroom species.

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