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Seed Shivers

A condition that is contracted by Crawling Thornbite, an infected creature after being injected with the sap of the thornbite will instinctively flee from it even in no longer conscious. The cells of their body begin to change into copies of the seeds of the thornbite. Through skin lesions and the seeds begin to drop from the body, the infected feels colder and colder the longer they are infected and shiver more and more violently. The seeds are spread in this manner and once the body reaches a certain point in volume they collapse, but the creature will continue to crawl and are consumed by the remaining seeds forming a large cluster of the thornbite. For this process to work as intended the target must be immersed in the sap and injected with it.

Transmission & Vectors

Sap of the Crawling Thornbite causes these mutagenic changes in bodies that have been immersed and injected. The process takes around an hour of this level of exposure.


Using a rna vector to change the cells of the body to divide rapidly and change the code to create spore like clusters. These cluster are spread into the platelets of the body and form cell walls to create the "seeds". This prevents clotting and the seeds fall through the injection sites and lesions. within the course of a few hours the host will exanguinate and pass forming a extremely suitable growing medium for the new plants.


Skin growths, weeping lesions, and irrational needs to continue to move away from where you were infected.


Nanotech treatment if applied quickly can cure the infected, and magics such as cure disease can suppress the effects, cleansing rituals and regeneration can defeat the effect as well.


Untreated within five hours the infected will almost certainly die. Caught within the first hour most will survive.

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