Fey Sick

Fey sick, full title - Fey powder sickness - is a type of disease that a humanoid, animal or monster, not including fey, can contract after coming in contact with Fey Powder, where the Fey Powder merges and morphs itself together with the living organism. The ways of obtaining the disease and the symptoms that the disease can cause are both hugely variable.

Transmission & Vectors

Fey sick has many ways it can infect a living being but almost all have to do with coming in contact with Fey Powder. 
  • The powder can be eaten or drunk, which can cause Fey Sick. This is the second most potent way of acquiring Fey Sick.
  • The powder even just from being touched and making contact with skin can affect and infect someone, although this is the least potent way of infecting someone. 
  • The Powder can be breathed in causing one of the symptoms of Fey Sick to manifest but it can also cause regular allergic reactions and can cause new allergies to be obtained.
  • The Fey Powder can be injected into a being - this is the surest way of contracting the Fey Sick.
  • Although rarer, if magic is being amplified by Fey Powder, the target of the magic, or a nearby being can be affected by Fey Sick.
Fey Sick isn't known to be contagious, so being around someone with Fey Sick shouldn't influence your chances of obtaining it.


As Fey Sick arises from an incredibly wild, uncontrolled substance that is Fey Powder - a substance that originates from the already wild and chaotic magical creatures that are the Fey, Fey Sick's symptoms come in all shapes and sizes, literally.   The symptom's potency depends mainly on two factors: on the way that the Fey Powder interacted with the being and the being's body's natural reaction to Fey Powder, as it can highly depend on each person, how influential Fey Powder can be to them. As an example, Fey creatures seem to be fully immune to Fey Sick. Elves and other creatures that have hints of Fey in their blood and ancestry show less significant symptoms when they are affected by Fey Sick.   Fey Sick can differ from being a mild, maybe only visual change, like the change of one's eye colour to a significant life-threatening symptom like having plants grow in your lungs, killing you. It is also on the spectrum of being beneficial and not - an example was a woman who, from eating fey powder had her health drastically increase, and for all intents and purposes her body had become that of an elf's, including the increase in lifespan.   Fey Sick symptoms are oftentimes chaotic and magical, unlike that of regular diseases. They often modify a person's body, oftentimes adding fey-like features like tail's, horns, change of colour. Fey Powder in the more critical cases acts like a dangerous and parasitic plant, which grows from the being's body, eventually ending that person's life, having sucked out all of the life from the being.


Firstly, no matter how insignificant the symptom, it cannot be cured without the ways of magic. Depending on the severity of the Fey Sick that a person has been afflicted with it can be a simple cast of lesser restoration or a simple case of a paladin's divine touch, but most likely it's more severe and needs a full ritual or much higher level magic to be cured. If done as a ritual, Fey Sick can be cured either by divine magic via a group of clerics or can be cured with the ways of druidic healing magic involving a group of druids and herbalists. In some, yet rare cases the Fey Sick can end on its own although this usually doesn't happen because Fey Sick as a disease merges Fey Powder with one's own body so almost never is it a temporary disease.


Once Fey Sick became a bit of a larger issue special "Fey Blood Vials" were created as a substance to be injected into someone who believes they've become affected by the disease in a period where the Fey Sick hasn't shown any major symptoms, meaning that it's only at an early stage which means that it can be "burnt" away by the injected "Fey Blood" before the disease has had a chance to cause any changes.
Chronic, Acquired


A child infected with Fey Sick

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