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Exa Plauge

Horrific cyborgnetic and psionic fungus that assimilates there host's body into there hive mind. If left unchecked will infest the entire world After a world has been fully infectid it will consume the very world itself and produce organic ships for the exonas.

Transmission & Vectors

The Exa fungus is an airborn fungus that is spread by air via spores, along with Exonas zombies and Morphs. If there is just 1 spore in ones body they become infected


Exa spores are generated by very infected Exonas Zombies, Exonas Morphs, and corrupted air (the disease can also be spread via Exonas Infesters but one here transmit the fungi you are already fully infected). Exa spores are created more often in warm, dry enviroments.


the Exa fungus has no symptoms until the infection reaches the brain (About 1 hour after infection), then the host will start experiencing hallucinations, loss of feeling in hands and feet, extreme rage, schizophrenia and hunger,There body will also start to rot near the spinal cord and small abyssium cores can be found growing on the exposed exa fungi. After a day the hosts cerebellum (The rest of the brain wont be merged with the hive, leaving them fully aware of whats happening but unable to do anything) wll be fully infected and the host will become an Exonas zombie.


Anti-fungals must be applied to the spinal cord before the infection reaches the brain, after that the Exa fungi is uncurable.


Only the most advanced, well sealed, most protective gas masks have any hope of stoping an Exa spore. And armor is a good protection from Exonas zombies and Exonas morphs.


An epidemic is considered to start the second an Exonas hive reaches the planet. it will infect the very terrain and send morphs and infected whildlife to infect more people.


The first recorded case of Exa fungi was after the Exonas swarm's scout ship knocked Voyager Delta into Dendroths atmoshphere. Voyager Delta's crew were the first recorded creatures infected with the exa fungi.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

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