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Ash Fever

Ash Fever is a viral sickness that spread after the Fall of Aduralin. The sickness is unrelated to the Fall of Aduralin and fires, but as it begun spreading among the already weak survivors from Aduralin at first it was assumed it had a connection. The dry skin flakes caused by Ash Fever was a big factor in why the name Ash Fever spread.   While generally not a very dangerous disease, the confusion after Aduralins fall, in combination with many of the carriers already being weak, and therefor making the disease look worse than it actually is, made many townsfolk, in town to which Aduralin surviovors fled, fear the disease. In soem way the disease became the physical manifisation of the war and chaos for many that did not see it first-hand, and so the disease became as feared as the war itself.

Transmission & Vectors

Ash Fever is caused by an influenza virus. It is spreads through liquids. One way the virus spreads is through the sweat of the sick.


The first symptoms are similiar to a normal fever. A persons body temprature increases, they start to sweat and feel cold. Some days after th initial cold it is not uncommon with headache and thirst. Soon thereafter the skin starts to dry out, sometimes creating eczema. During this time dry skin flakes falls off the sick.


The immune system can often handle this disease by itself in 2 to 3 weeks. During this time it is important to drink a lot of water to not dry out, and lubricate the body with oils and ointments. The largest risk with the disease is if the dry skin is not cared for as open wounds could is a way for other diseases to enter the body.   As the sweat in itself is contagious an important part in the treatment is also to regulary clean all cloth used by the sick, and making sure that most sweat is washed away fro mthe body before any oils are applied, as the virus could get trapped underneath otherwise and survive until much later.

Affected Groups

It mostly affects adults. Children can still get the fever but react less extreme to it. Elders seem to be mostly unaffected by the virus, but those that do get it become very sick very quickly.

Hosts & Carriers

The virus can also affect horses, which are believed to be the source of how it spread to humans.

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Affected Species

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