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Frost Burned

Transmission & Vectors

It transfers from person to person by seemingly random means. Some get infected, others don't. Priests theorizes that it is a magical disease, or a curse from the gods dispersed to those that displease them.


When infected, you get a boiling fever and is knocked out. The infected person cannot get out of bed and is usually unconscious for five days, the persons body temperature radically drops. The skin becomes moist to the touch and the person will mutter continuously, as though they are having a terrible nightmare in their sleep. They will continue to get colder and colder. When they reach day five, they start breathing more irregularly until they are gasping for breath, and at last heart stops. The final stages can be more radical than the initial symptoms.


There is no known cure for the disease, however getting the person to an experienced healer and inflammation reducing herb mixtures have been known to save lives. The recovery can be very long, and difficult once the disease has taken hold of a person. They are often a mere shell of a person after the disease has ravished their body.


If the person who is infected is very young or very old, their chances are not good. But if the infected is a healthy adult, their chances of survival is much higher.


A person who has had the disease and recovered is much more likely to have catch other diseases. Their immune system is quite weakened the first year or so afterwards.


It's spread through a population is rather slow and not hugely impactful so long the infected persons are kept in isolation and under care, though because of how fatal the disease is many fear it greatly.


It is one of those diseases that the people of the north has always known about and feared. It appears to be less common or even non-existant in warmer lands.
Affected Species

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