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Deopatholosis is a disease that was called upon by Kairoz the Andorian during his Long Prayer.
It seems to have been able to affect all humanoids and was extremely contagious, though the exact modes of transmission are unknown.


Initial symptoms include numbness of the limbs, severe abdominal pain and a high fever.   As these increase in severity and intensity, the victim starts developing behavioral changes, most common of which being Hypnophobia, Hydrophobia, and Agoraphobia; at this stage constant high fevers usually cause permanent brain damage.   During the last days of the victim's life, they begin to visibly rot and reek, as the gangrenous tissue spreads to non-internal organs.


Not much can be done to help other than attempting to alleviate the pain. Reportedly, Kairoz was able to immediately and completely heal afflicted citizens.


Days 1-6: onset of numbness and fever.   Days 4-8: onset of behavioral changes; over 90% of patients that reach this stage will eventually die.   Days 6-20: spread of gangrene and eventual death, usually by suicide or euthanasia. Survivors begin recovery at this stage and are immune to the disease.

Cultural Reception

The disease is seen as a form of divine punishment delivered by a true retributive agent of The Four. Though some, mostly the unscholarly citizens of the Free Cities and the Vintian Imperium, consider it nothing more than a myth, most Kadians are fearful of a possible reemergance, with some City Elves even being alive during the first outbreak.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Affected Species


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