As promised to her people if she were ever to ascend to divinity, Lament drew in a great breath and inhaled all illness, sickness, and disease across Haven. With the sickness contained within her very being, she understood that she would be unable to hold it for long and instead chose to gift both immortal life and unending illness to her most faithful of followers.
Today, many generations since the last Sickness, the concept of disease or illness is abstract to the poeple of Haven. Those that do know of disease know of it only as a thing that happens to outsiders or those that cross too far into the Blacksea, away from the divine powers of Lament. It is truly uknown how the people of Haven would react to the fall of their Goddess of Sick and Broken.
Notes to Self:
  • Figure out when Lament rose to power.
  • When she became a Divine.
  • When she eradicated sickness.
  • How far her power range is.

General Information


Cover image: by Damion Otter


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