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Written by Pookas Kreations

This sickness was created during the Chaos Wars. It was caused by a magitech “nanite” that the Atlanteans created to repair their technology if damaged during the war. It effectively healed a machine if only part of it remained so it could keep fighting after being disabled.

One ambitious scientist decided to “enhance” one of his uplifted experiments with cybernetics and included some of these MT nanites to keep him operational when damaged.

Transmission & Vectors

In the beginning, this could only be passed by physical contact, but now it can be passed by spore blooms and bodily fluid transmission.


A disaster happened when a wild magic bomb went off on the battlefield. This caused a chaotic effect that altered the code of the nanites and mutated them as well. They became an awakened hive mind bent on assimilation or destruction of all organics.


It starts with a low-grade fever, then shakes and mood swings. As it progresses it becomes very painful and incapacitates the infected.


Extreme heat or cold can destroy the virus, but this can also kill the infected. Some Atlanteans and Astralus are working on a treatment that will disable the carrier without killing them.  So far healing and repair spells are ineffective, but they are working on a cure that will.


Many of the infected will either die a horrible and painful death, be assimilated, or killed by others so they can spread the infection.

Being affected by the Technophage virus can cause various mutations. These can be good, neutral, or bad depending on the part of the body and the percentage of exposure for the area affected. This causes a Fortitude save DC 16, failure results in mutation, which could result in deformity, damage, or assimilation. Successive save failures for different locations cause stacking negatives.

After the initial save, the character must continue to make the save one per week. Failure results in mutation and damage. Assimilation converts organic material into inorganic magitech circuitry and material.

Affected Groups

At the beginning of the outbreak, only those with magitech implants or reliant on similar technology are targeted. After the technophage has a foothold, almost anyone is fair game.

Most Elves and Fae, as well as mainly aquatic races are either immune or highly resistant to this techno-virus. The reason for this immunity is that they are from another Plane. Those races that are silicone-based are highly susceptible to joining the These nanites break down in the water, especially saltwater.


Not having magitech implants, being shielded from the touch of someone with them.


The Chaos Wars caused many wild magic storms, some of the areas are still affected centuries later. Some tribes of Wild Elves and rehabilitating Atlanteans are slowly cleansing the areas of dangerous contamination.

Cultural Reception

Many high-tech societies, especially those with magitech are terrified of a large outbreak in their area. If caught early, the outbreak can be controlled; if not, it will tear through the population and the technology that it's reliant on.
Nanite / Mechanical
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

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