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Written by Pookas Kreations

Dwarves are an aloof but stern race, that lives in cities carved deep in the earth often in mountains, and are fiercely protective of the territory from other deep-dwelling enemies. They have acquired a reputation as stolid, stoic, and humorless craftsmen of the earth. Their environment and constant war with other deep-dwellers shape their disposition. Only when at work in their element do they show true emotion.


They are true masters of anything having to do with smithing, and working with gems, metal or stone. They are lovers of history (their own) and tradition, because of their long lives, traditions change but slowly it often takes hundreds or thousands of years.


Thrifty as a rule, they dislike discarding what could be useful in the future. Each family often has a room/cave set to the side of items that could be useful in the future, even if that use is to be melted down to create something else. They put such care into everything that they make, that it commonly can last a lifetime.


Contrary to popular belief, that they seem to be frozen in time, they are always seeking to improve and perfect a new technique or product before starting on the next one. They are willing to experiment to learn a better way to make something. Although dwarves can be magic users they don't overtly use magic, preferring to only use it in their crafting of items and adding abilities in the process.

Basic Information


Dwarves are medium-sized, short and broad.

Biological Traits

Dwarves are short and stocky.

Genetics and Reproduction

Most dwarves prefer to keep the race pure, only breeding like with like, but it has been known for some to seek relations outside their race. Usually, these are shunned often for generations.

Ecology and Habitats

Any, prefer to live underground in tunnels and caves. Some few have been known to live in the open air, but even then its usually in the shadow of a mountain or in an enclosed extinct volcano, canyon or valley.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dwarves are omnivores, mostly preferring to eat what can be gathered or hunted underground. Over the years living around sun stones, most have become vegetarian, the only "meat" eaten being from fish or insects, as sunstones react badly to the eating of sentient life.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dwarves love order. Their society is based on family, guild, and tribe. Religion is also important to them as well as honor and tradition. They are often spoken of as standoffish, but they have a strong sense of friendship and justice. Of course, friendship needs to be earned often by hard work and proving yourself to be honorable. They might work hard, but they play even harder and have large appetites.

Facial characteristics

Their faces are broad with high cheekbones and a wide bulbous nose. They prefer long well-kept hair and beards.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Any, usually underground.

Average Intelligence

Average intelligence.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Darkvision and stonecunning. Some can even "smell" certain types of gems and ores.

Civilization and Culture


Ancient Dwarves originated from what is now called Teranik, but in the past, it was called Prima Terra. This is where the dwarf civilization evolved. At first, they lived above ground, only traveling below to mine their beloved ores and gems.


Some dwarves began to crave the look and feel of these materials more and more. These then moved underground to be near to them and accumulate more. These became greedy, jealous and avarice, towards it. This was considered a sickness.


Later, it was discovered that time in the sun and around plants helped to curb the craving. One day, deep below, someone discovered a new ore. When taken into the sunlight to see it better, it began to glow and those below from the same area began to glow as well. These became known as sun stones. It was also found to curb the craving for riches and being alone Below. Eventually, after trial and error, it was discovered that they could be placed at intervals in the mines or worn as badges to help those in need. Rest-rooms were also set up with plants and sunstones, for meditation and rest.


Before that fateful day in the early days of the Chaos Wars. Prima Terra was a beautiful land, but after the battle, it was forever changed. The backlash from the magical weapons and spells caused a tear in the planar wall into the Plane of Shadow. It allowed evil shadow creatures entrance, to all but their hallowed ground. A few protected cities were known to have survived and flourished until almost the end of the Chaos Wars. Most Dwarves fled underground or elsewhere to escape the contamination.


In their time Below, they found more sunstones and discovered a race of saurians that were sentient. They said that they had been driven below long ago and have been searching for a way out ever since. After a lengthy discussion, they joined forces to continue the search together. Eventually, they found a few exits and some of each group split and decided to stay in the new land.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Dwarves mostly keep to themselves. Although, they have been known to make alliances with like-minded races. Some of these are the various dwarf branches and dragons. They hate Atlanteans for what was done to their homeland.
Gradually the dwarves learned that the sun stones worked better when those near it ate less meat and more plants. They also discovered that certain animals, when exposed to the light for a length of time, seemed to gain intelligence. Those animals with little intelligence cad no effect when exposed and didn't affect the stones when eaten.
Some other effects of sun stones is that some types of magic won't work around them, although elemental or psionics worked half efficiency. The stones seem to boost mechanical and clockwork creations, though divine magic had no effect.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo dvergr sapien
400 + years
Average Height
4 ft
Average Weight
200 lbs
Average Physique
Dwarves are usually muscular and stocky, being large-boned as a rule. You will rarely see a tall skinny dwarf, unless they aren't purebred.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dwarves' usual skin color appears to be a deep tan, this is not from the sun but from the forges. Their skin can be of almost any earth tone, but usually of varying shades of brown.
Related Ethnicities
Related Materials

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