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Sun Stars (Dwarven)

Written by Pookas Kreations

Dwarven sun stars were discovered after many years of mining, by Kester Rockraven. After much study, they found varying uses, from light to health. Gradually the dwarves learned that the sun stars worked better when those near them ate less meat and more plants. They also discovered that certain animals, when exposed to the light for a length of time, seemed to gain intelligence. Those animals with little intelligence had no effect when exposed and didn't affect the stones when eaten.


Material Characteristics

Dwarven sun stars from Prima Terra are usually seen growing like quartz seed crystals, and they have an inner glow with dancing lights inside.

Physical & Chemical Properties

One day, deep below, someone discovered a new ore. When taken into the sunlight to see it better, it began to glow and those below from the same area began to glow as well. These became known as sun stars. It was also found to curb the craving for riches and being alone Below. Eventually, after trial and error, it was discovered that they could be placed at intervals in the mines or worn as badges to help those in need. Rest-rooms were also set up with plants and sunstones, for meditation and rest.


They are recharged in sunlight so that they can emit their light throughout the night. Sun stars send off a frequency for miles around, the larger the stone, the farther the frequency reaches. Those that have studied sun stones all say that they have their own type of intelligence and a presence about them.


Some other effects of sun stars is that some types of magic won't work around them, although elemental or psionics worked half efficiency. The stones seem to boost mechanical and clockwork creations, though divine magic had no effect.


They are closely related to quartz crystals.

Geology & Geography

Any underground.

Origin & Source

No one knows for sure, but it is believed that some meteors struck deep into the surface, interacting with chemicals and minerals already present causing them to grow in new and unusual ways. From studying sun stars properties, they are believed to be extraterrestrial.

History & Usage


The dwarven sun stones are believed to be "cousins" to the dinoterran sunstones, but their size, shaped and properties are different. They are both intelligent and dislike being around those that eat meat.


Sun stones were discovered by a miner named Kester Rockraven. He was a miner that likes traveling alone instead of with a crew, he scouts out new tunnels to work and marks the types and locations of ore that he finds. He is what is called "a sniffer", he can "smell" the differences between ore, mineral, gem, etc.

Everyday use

They are commonly used at lights, both for sight and growing plants and to treat the craving of ore, gem and mineral in those succepable to it. It was discovered that time in the sun and around plants helped to curb the craving.
White, clear or yellow. They have rarely been found as green or blue. This all depends on the other minerals around it.
Common State
Solid, some have been seen to have a liquid core.
Related Species

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