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Ancient Dwarves

Written by Pookas Kreations

Star Dwarves are members of a spacefaring race, they are excellent engineers, miners, and merchants. Most dwarves stand 4 to 4-1/2 feet tall and weigh 150–200 pounds. They’re considered adults at 40 and live up to 450 years.


Their homeworld, Briora, is a heavy gravity planet, hence their short, stocky stature and strength. It is also an atmosphere that most races consider inhospitable. Briora’s sun went supernova and made their world inhabitable. Those that survived, went in search of a new homeworld. They started settling on many asteroids and moons, while the search continued. Thus the Diaspora began.


The dwarves as a race still feel the loss of Briora, but they made sure to keep it alive in song and legend. They are a very traditional race, holding hard to the ways they lived in their homeworld. The guilds and clans hold much power, often more than even the nobles and military.


Some of the older dwarves are dour and taciturn, mostly because of the loss of their world and the long search for a new one. Many of the younger generations don’t adventurous, cocky, as well strong, and brave. They do enjoy drinking and brawling and are constantly in search of precious metals, and gems.


Their ships are large enough to be cities, clanships, and guildships, as well as generation ships. They are called Star Citadels. Young dwarves often seek mining and similar crafts, cleric, or military occupations.


Dwarves are highly inventive and industrious, their work is high-quality giving them an excellent reputation. Crafting often includes metals of all types, stones, and gems. They are cautious of integrating new technology with their own until it is proven to be safe and effective. Afterward, it is quickly adapted to their own needs.


They get along best with gnomes and halflings and are enemies of the Atlanteans and their allies. Dwarves despise magic and will have nothing to do with it, although divine magic is allowed. Those that use magic are disowned and exiled.


Early in the history of Aquatica, a group of dwarves crash-landed on the surface of the continent that is now called Teranik. There was enough genetic diversity for them to form civilization and they named the first city, Prime.


They set to mining to find the minerals that they needed to build the machines needed to create the parts to repair their ship. This took many generations and by that time, many didn’t want to leave. The ship was finally repaired, but the younger generation refused to board. The ship finally left with some of the old-timers as a skeleton crew. Oddly enough, some think that this is what attracted the Atlanteans to come to Aquatica in the first place.


As a result of the Chaos Wars, Primus, as the dwarves called their continent was slowly being overshadowed and poisoned by at least two other planes. Some of the dwarves fled to Volcanus, others to Teranus, and a few fled down the tunnels and eventually ended up in Dinoterra.


Some did stay in Prime, but they soon regretted it as the corruption began to mutate everything around them. The shield that they erected, held off most of the corruption, but they knew it would eventually lead to their doom.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Darkvision or Ultravision.
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