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Written by Pookas Kreations

Ultravision is a type of vision possessed by many creatures. It allows them to see into the ultraviolet spectrum, even gamma, x-rays, radio waves, as well as other types of vision. Ultravision can be changed from passive, to active to off at will.

With passive ultravision, they are able to see normally in the twilight as well as darkness, full color. The sun, distant stars, and even magic items are bright to ultravision.

This vision does not operate well underground or in the Inner Planes, it does function well in the Etherial, Astral, and Chaos Planes. It works half as well underground or underwater. The aura of magical weapons dazzles one with this vision.

Active ultravision is different, your eyes actually generate ultraviolet light. It allows them to see others as if they were painted with faerie fire, but only the users can see it. They can see in full darkness with full color, white, and certain other colors glow as they would with a black light. Their eyes also glow while using this vision.

Ultravision (Ex) [this is a nonmagical ability, although it may seem to break physical laws. Only certain races/creatures can use this ability. It cannot be disrupted by combat as it isn't a spell and doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity, cannot be dispelled, or be stopped in an antimagic field.]
Some of the creatures that have ultravision are:
  • angels
  • sprites
  • demons
  • derros
  • dragon horses
  • green hags
  • gulguthras
  • hordlings
  • kuo-toas
  • modrons
  • peches
  • phoenixes
  • owls
  • vargouiles
  • Ancient Akkadian 
  • and others.

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