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Brain Malaria

Summer Camp 2021

This condition has been around for about 2000 years. It hasn’t really changed over the years. That information about how it works has developed over time. The elderly have been informed about the new information and isn’t that worried more than the newer generation. There are some who refuse to go anywhere near ones that have it.


When kids are 12 their brains start to develop more and sometimes the brain shuts down essentially for a few years while new information is being learned. This can lead to more aggression towards parents, other adults and children.


Some symptoms include:   -Sleeping more than usual. Normal is 7-10 hrs.   -Getting confused over basic things   -Getting mad at adults/children randomly

Affected Groups

It is usually caught in kids 12-14 year olds who are male. Males have a 23% chance to catch it while female have 10% chance. Since men tend to do these things more often than women the men’s brain has a higher percentage of exhibiting these symptoms.


Scientists have been trying to find a way to prevent this but haven’t been successful. Most of the “cures” have been too dangerous or rejected by the government. The most famous failure is the ADMD (Adaptable Disease Modulator Doodad). It was supposed to block the cells transmitting the condition but ended up almost killing a patient    The only way to “prevent” it is to leave them alone for awhile and it should reduce the anger symptom. Skipping school is also an option as it tends to increase risk of violence but many chose not to. Children that are troublemakers are more advised to stay home.

Cultural Reception

This condition is not exactly feared but authorities tend to be cautious. They fear that it will lead to more violence hence more people getting killed. They don’t want to punish children just because of a brain condition. It’s considered an insult to ban children from a village. It’s also considered illegal to exile children since they can’t survive on their own until the age of 20. Pets aren’t bothered by it that much. They already are cute and cuddly.
Affected Species

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Cover image: by SnapWireSnaps on Pixabay


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7 Jul, 2021 22:54

This sounds like an advanced form of puberty :p

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15 Jul, 2021 02:20

Never thought of that til you mentioned it. This was one of the harder prompts

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