Curse of Visions

The Curse of Visions is a mental condition currently affecting most Divine Soothsayer within Caramiza. Being a result of constant surpression of divine visions, the soothsayer no longer has any control over the frequency, length or intensitiy of their visions. Most of them are unable to properly differentiate between reality or future and lose the concept of time.


A Divine Soothsayer is influenced by a specific deity to tell of events in the future. While these visions come relatively sudden, most soothsayers are able to feel the arrival of such an event. Usually, this gives the soothsayer time to sit down or get to a safe place,while being distracted with the vision.   When the Divine Soothsayers were outlawed all over Caramiza, after the last Dark Tearfall however, new soothsayers started to actively repress the visions, to avoid detection and arrest.   The supression tactics however proved to be fatal, as the visions seem to build up within the person. Their ability to control the events will slowly degrade while the frequency of visions steadily increases. At a certain point, all control is lost and the visions keep coming constantly. At the same time, the soothsayer loses the ability to differentiate between the vision and reality.


When a healthy soothsayer has a vision, their eyes will glow brightly in a specific color while they recite what they see. After they vision ends, so does the glow in their eyes and they can go about their business as normal.   When afflicted with the Curse of Vision, however, the soothsayer is in an almost constant state of seeing partial visions. They will hallucinate fragments of the future, unable to tell for certain if they are happening in the present or in the future. During this state, their eyes will display flashes and small sparks of the glow. As the visions are often influenced by the emotional state, they tend to increasingly revolve around fear, loss, or death.   It will be difficult for an afflicted soothsayer to have a full night's sleep, as their dreams are constantly interrupted by nightmarish vision. Their behavior will become erratic and aggressive, coupled with a strong confusion. In the early days of the sickness, they will often try to call out to people not yet being there, warning them from the dark fate that will befall them apprently immediately.   As the sickness progress, so does a state of apathy and depression. Many soothsayers give up in trying to differentiate between reality and future, as well as giving up on helping or warning the people around them.   When mutliple afflicted soothsayer gather in one place, theymight have a shared vision of the future at the same time. These events have always caused a deeply seated panic among them and has always accurately predicted some kind of catastrophy within the next few months.


The Order of Vitukua tries to treat soothsayers at the Selverrock Monastery by training their control over the visions. This approach has shown minimal successes so far in terms of control but has reduced the frequency of the visions in most cases.   They also try to treat the afflicted with the potion of Concoction of the Clear Mind to some positive results. However, the possible side effect of clearvoyant visions of the present can cause a strong regression of the patient.
Chronic, Acquired
Afflicted Groups
Divine Soothsayer


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4 Jul, 2021 12:27

Oh this is a cool idea! Very interesting that the condition is actually caused by the suppresion and could easily have been avoided if the Soothsayers were not outlawed.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
6 Jul, 2021 17:20

Great article, this is an interesting side effects from vision and I like how politiciens just one day decided to forbid people form having visions... What are the consequences from people being caught having one in public? I imagine soothsayers who have the mean to stay inside their house very rarely leave...

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9 Jul, 2021 15:06

I like the idea that the 'curse' is caused by attempts at suppressing the visions. It actually sounds terrifying.