Dark Tearfall

The Dark Tearfall is the recurring event of meteoric impacts happening during the passing of Zecod's Tear. The three-day lasting infrequent impacts are usually accompanied by days of bad luck and misfortune for the population of Caramiza as well as a rise in depression and violent behavior.   It is unclear for how long the Dark Tearfall has been a recurring event, but if the myths of the dark god's fall are to believed, they started when Zecod was imprisoned in the meteor called Zecod's Tear. Known incidents of the Dark Tearfall are going back several millennia, most notably the impact site of Zecod's fall in the Ukanten Valley. This colossal event has devasted the well-populated area - as many recently uncovered ruins demonstrate. It is no surprise, those whole myths were created around this event.   The Dark Tearfall always follows a similar pattern. When Zecod's Tear arrives at the end of its thirty-three-year cycle, the night sky a few days before starts to glow in an ominous red tint. During this time, people become more irritated and aggressive towards each other. The urge to commit dark acts seems to grow stronger in everybody but the most pius ones, usually manifesting in very individual ways.   When the first comets strike across the night sky (they will never fall during the day), they always signify some catastrophic event somewhere in Caramiza. This included the flooding of a river, the eruption of an originally dormant volcano, the mysterious spread of a disease, and the gruesome slaughter of a whole village carried out by accident by a group of their own children.


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