Divine Soothsayer

When I was done telling my story, this unassuming man in the corner turned to me with a smile and said, "My child, fear not, a when you will come home today, your burdens will be lifted and you will never go to sleep with worries again." When I looked into the eyes of the man and saw the purple gleam, I knew, he was telling the truth. A Soothsayer showed me the future.
  A Divine Soothsayer is a specially gifted type of priest able to tell people about their near future and warn them of upcoming dangers. A Soothsayer can be pledged to any deity and the nature and prevalent topics of their prophecies are influenced by the domain of their god. However, after the events of the last Dark Tearfall, the Divine Soothsayers have been outlawed and any public divination will lead to direct incarceration.   The Soothsayer often has little control over when they will speak of the future and what they will talk about. During the dark days of the Dark Tearfall, when most of the world will be plagued by bad fortune and depression, this proves a fatal flaw. Hearing a soothsayer speaking of a future during the dark tearfall usually predicts - or causes - the death of the people to listen or the injury and death of their loved ones. During the last appearance of Zecod's Tear, the many dark prophecies by soothsayers during these days caused the whole town of Cremsteyn to fatally turn against each other, almost completely eradicating the settlement. These shocking events led to the outlawing of the Soothsayers.

Differences per Deity

  Depending on the deity the Soothsayer has pledged to, their eyes will start to slightly glow in a different color when they speak a divination. Apac lets the soothsayers eyes glow red for example. Also the most common topic of a divination will vary depending on their deity.  
Deity Main Topics Eye Color
Apac Politics, Diplomacy and Fate of the Regent's family Bright Red
Sabes Technological or Magical Discoveries Light Blue
Gazezu Weather, Behavior of Animals Amber-Brown
Vitukua Illness, Medicine and Treaments Deep Green
Maned Trades, Economy, Production Yellow-Golden
Lirini Birth, Romance, Family and Celebrations Purple
Zecod Secrets, Crime and Danger of Monsters Dark Red, almost black
Unpledged Unspecific, often personal life of the listener No glow at all

Additional Information

  Divine Seekers pledged to Sabes and to Zecod are highly effective in evading arrest. Sabes as goddess of wisdom grants their followers the ability to understand the goals and plans of their opponents and the already secretive priests of the fallen god Zecod are operating in the shadows anyways.   Originally, a Soothsayer was specifically educated and blessed in a temple, which granted them the gift of divination. It was a conscious decision to bekome a Soothsayer. However, after being outlawed, and the blessing stopped, the calling of a soothsayer started to happen seemingly at random.   After the Soothsayers have been outlawed, they became almost unable to not speek of upcoming doom. Especially during the past ten years, with a new Dark Tearfall coming up, the few predictions people hear of are of terrible sadness, wars, uprisings and other scary events. Scholars fear the soothsayers were a necessary gift by the gods to prevent something big coming up.   No Soothsayer is physically able to speak the name of the fallen god Zecod. This was a well kept secret for a long time but is currently used by law enforcement to prove a person is in fact a soothsayer.


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