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Bobo's Pox

Many diseases afflict those within the borders of the Aspaxian Empire: far and wide dark creatures and magicks seep into the flesh and blood of man. But no illness is as feared as Bobo's Pox. Bobo's Pox initially sounds like a silly name, though for some more learned individuals it might bring their mind to the buboes commonly found in patients of the black plague. But Bobo's Pox is far worse. It is no simple disease of the flesh, nor is it an affliction of the mind: it is a pox on one's very soul. The initial stages of Bobo's Pox are essentially impossible to detect, if you did not notice the point in which you are infected. It begins by a slight whitening in the face while maintaing heavy blushing in the nose and mouth. Most at this stage misdiagnose the Pox as some sort of flu or cold, a minor disease that will pass. If you are diagnosed as such, you may only pray the doctor is correct.   Far from passing, Bobo's Pox will then develop, as the contractor will start to lapse into fits of laughter which they cannot control. There is nothing sinister about this laughter, yet, and a hardened soul may be able to hold the Pox at this stage for many many moons. Those who are week - or just unlucky - will soon be met with a much worse fate, however. A large pustule will quickly overtake the victim's nose as mystical paint is applied to their lips and under their eyes. The slight whitening in the face will turn to stark white, and their hair will begin to turn red. As this stage overtakes the patient, they will be afflicted with violent outbursts, often overlapping with the previous bouts of laughter. If a patient progresses to this stage, it is too late. Within months they will fully become a pantomime, a malevolent monstrosity whose soul purpose is to spread Bobo's Pox through its "laughter" and "jokes".   Those who are not afraid of a Pantomime strangely cannot contract the disease. This is the only known defense outside of using healing magic in the early stages.

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