The Darkness of Vitale

The Darkness of Vitale is a mental condition which causes the inflicted to believe their are Vitale himself over time. It starts with dreams and memories that aren't real, minor short memories of talking to other gods, about the Bavanian people and the City. Slowly the dreams move towards the fight between Barbossa, The Sunlord and Fortis, The Chained, and the fact that Vitale hid and worried about his own life. The inflicted becomes more self centre and more worried protecting themselves, that they are the most important person and everyone else does not matter and as long their safe it doesn't matter about anyone else, be that family, wife, kids or neighbours and colleagues.   The results of this infliction is the person ends up so focused on themselves that everyone else around them matters only in what the can do for the inflicted. Which pushes people away and the person becames more isolated, as this happens changes happen to the body of the person, darker eye colour, sensitivity to sunlight, wanted to stay within the dark and out the eyes of people. Often but not always as these changes happen the person gets dark urgys to kill individuals their know or other random people that they would never have met before.   The one time someone inflicted with the darkness was actually held long enough to talk to and mentally anaylsis (and that is another story, the mage who read the persons mind went mad and it took months to understand what she saw in the persons memories, and it was the personality of the inflicted had been overwritten). They spoke of seeing images overlaid on the people he killed of gods, and at least one of the targets was as Divine Blood of Ioun, so maybe there is a link but who knows.


Change in Personality become more self-centre and self occupied. Along with Darkening of Eyes and hair colours. Along with a rage if people question that they opinion is right.


There is no divine, arcane or scientific fix for this condition it can be slow if discover early, with potions that stop people dreaming, as the dreams see to be what pushes the actual changes onto the person, but nothing 100% is affected, but short live races like Humans, can live an almost normal length live with the support of these potions.

Cultural Reception

Fear and Concern, it can hit anyone within the City, but sometimes it can be decades between cases of it, so the uncertainity and randominess
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare


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