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Interface Membrane Infection

The interface membrane is a bio-material that connects the prosthesis or electro-mechanical augmentation to the body. This membrane is necessary for the proper functioning of the augmentations, it allows a good exchange of information between the nerve endings of the body and the electronic circuit of the prosthesis. When the prosthesis or augmentation is subjected to an electrical overload, the membrane absorbs the shock so as not to damage the nervous system. In rare cases, the membrane may may have been damaged, which can lead to a nerve infection called Interface Membrane Infection or IMI. If this infection is not treated, the consequences can be dramatic: amputation, partial or total paralysis, dementia or death. IMI is responsible for over 600,000 deaths per year.  

How to protect yourself?

Extract from the "Recommendations of the World Health Organization" on interface membranes

Identify Interface Membrane Infections

If you have been subjected to overloads, consider checking daily for at least a week for the appearance of rashes, chapping or any other skin abnormalities. To do this, it is advisable to remove your prosthesis as it may hide part of your epidermis. If these symptoms persist, contact your doctor immediately.  

Avoid overloads

The overloads are a saturation of stimuli caused by the prosthesis which are caused by a bad functioning of it. To avoid overloads, it is advisable to regularly update the firmware of your prosthesis and have the mechanics checked by professionals. You must also choose prostheses that correspond to your needs.  

Choose your membranes

When installing a new prosthesis, it is strongly recommended to choose a personal interface membrane (i.e. built from your own skin) rather than industrial interface membranes. If however you should choose an industrial membrane, you should choose Pharmabots membranes, which are approved by numerous doctors.

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Cover image: by Viktor Pietrzykowski


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