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Arcane Depletion

I don't feel so good maybe I shouldn't have cast that last defense spell - Mage suffering from magic loss
  Magic can be a fickled thing to deal with at times as the Price of Magic has caused many magic casters to avoid the harsh punishment caused by overusing magic, but what most do not realize that is there is another effect that comes from this when magic leaves the user and becomes depleted with time cause the user for their magic is like blood to them as it is apart of them.


The cause is simple as it happens when a spellcaster uses too much of their magic to the point that they are almost or completely out of it. Often with the number of spells that they have cast during a certain length of time where they have not given themselves time to regenerate their magic. Leaving them in a weakened state that makes them unable to properly function on their own.


Several symptoms come with the depletion of magic all of which vary in severity on the amount of magic that was depleted.  

Mild Depletion

  This happens when a magic-user starts to reach their limits in the casting capabilities as that is often an early warning sign for them to stop. While most people do not realize this a caster can use a portion of their magic without having any harmful effects happen to them.   Dizziness: The mind starts to take a toll on the magic that was used and struggles to reorient itself.   Tiredness: Using more magic will cause it to take into the body's energy reserves leaving the user tired more than usual.   Pale Skin: Skin becomes pale due to the lack of heat from reaching the skin.   Headaches: The brain receives pain from the focus as they tap into deeper wells of magic.  


  Going deeper into the magic depletion leads to more pressing side effects that will start to show and hinder the user's ability to function as being to feel signs of discomfort.   Dehydration: The magic drawn from the body will begin to take water that is infused with it leading to dehydration.   Coughing: The throat will begin to become irritated from magic being taken from it.   Nausea: By draining the body of magic more than usual great discomfort can be felt which can lead to vomiting.   Muscle Cramps: The muscles will being to weaken and tighten from the dehydration of the body.   Bleeding: Blood will begin to pour from the eye, ears, mouth, or nose.  


  The most dangerous and discomforting of the states as the body begins to slowly fail as what little magic remains in the users tries to keep them alive. Leading to it trying its best to keep it alive as long as possible. The likelihood of survival of those who reach this stage is slim.   Chills: Body heat is drained from the body which leads to coldness throughout the body.   Arcane Burns: Magic being used will be to burn the body leaving permanent scarring with the skin being stained by the color of the magic being used.   Shortness of Breath: Lungs begin to take damage as they begin to work harder to draw air into them.   Memory Loss: Lapse in memory can be caused by the stress that the user is going through making them unable to remember what has transpired at any given period.   Numbness: Nerve damage will lead the body to be unable to feel pain in some parts or all over.   Coma: Brain damage can cause the user to fall into a deep sleep that may take a while for them to come out again.   Death: If not properly treated or there is little to no magic left in the body it will die.


The only way to get rid of it is to regain the magic that was lost in their spellcasting. Essence, the most commonly used terminology to be used for one's magic inside them regenerates over time as whatever magic is around them into their body acting like a sponge and absorbing it like a plant to sunlight. Though this can take time depending on the amount of magic that was spent and the environment they were in. Though this time length can be decreased with the use of magic items or potions to allow the spellcaster to be in proper condition.

Affected Groups

Only those with magic are affected by the effects of the depletion and will only affect the individual in question.

Cultural Reception

Arcane Depletion has been a bane on spellcasters as long as anyone can remember it can leave them vulnerable if they overuse the magic to any given extent of time.

Knowing Limits

  Everyone has a magic limit that they will reach at one point or another, meaning that they need to know when to stop before they harm themselves in the attempt to use more magic. Of course, what any good magic-user knows is that they have a magic reserve inside of them that they can channel their power from known a Source Arcana. The depths of the source depended on how much they were born with when and how much training they have done to increase their magic reserve. Once that source is depleted the caster will be extracting making that is found throughout the body. But mist casters will know when their source is drained when they no longer feel any more power flowing through them when they start to feel a hollow empty feeling inside of them as if a part of them is missing inside of them.  


  While suffering from this condition several times in minor stages are considered harmless as they can easily recover from them It is not easy to say for the other stages as they can lead to possible health problems such as it can lead to weakened muscles, migraines, trouble breathing, nerve damage and a shorter lifespan that will make their lives more difficult.  


  The best way to deal with it is for a spellcaster is to watch their limits on their use of magic. Though an Essence Modulator can help keep an eye on the levels of magic that is left in the Source Arcana making sure that they know their limit and ensuring


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