When Lars, my brother, lost his arm to that sabre toothed cat, we thought his exploration days were over. And then we found the Morningstar Tower - what hope we had! He would be whole again! Or so we thought...
  Transformation is a wondrous and, generally, safe method of healing. As a body modification it is more risky. But no treatment is infallible, and transformation can sometimes be unsuccessful, even disasterous. Twisting (sufferers are referred to as Twisted) is an unfortunate side effect of Transformation.  

How does the Twisted condition manifest?

Symptoms of the Twisted can vary hugely from patient to patient, and from ritual to ritual.   The most common symtoms of Twisting include extreme neurological and physical pain, and physical disintegration of the new manifestation. Sufferers are usually driven mad with this pain, to the point that they are no longer considered civilised beings - or even sapient beings - by the Eledrhim.   Rarer symptoms involve a full transformation into something wholly bestial. Often this is related to the original aim of the Transformation. For example, those attempting to manifest wings may transform fully into a bird-like or reptilian beast.  
Lars's new arm grew in fine, like magic - and such joy on his face, to see him return to his old self! But that darkness, that sadness he carried like a glass core - well, I always knew it would be the death of him. When dark, obsidian scales peaked out beneath his new, pink skin, we knew this wasn't a normal transformation. Something was wrong.
— Klaas Marsinger, Explorer for the Arsanger Trader Company

What causes the Twisted Condition?

  There are many theories of what can cause the Twisted condition. Breaks in concentration or lack of focus during the Transformation ritual, a lack of anima or Anima which is somehow tained, a rushed ceremony or even an inexperienced Transformation Guide can all lead to mistakes. Other mistakes can come from unwanted negative thoughts which manifest themselves, sometimes only subconsciously, during the ritual.   Some mistakes lead only to minor corruptions of the transformation - for example a weakness in the wings which becomes apparent only over time, or fantastic long distant vision with an inability to see closer objects. In general, the more turbulent the personality, the more likely the patient is to suffer from some side effects, or a full blow Twisted transformation.  
There was nothing left of Lars, not by the time I caught up with him. The beast he had become was monstrous, a reptilian leviathan, all put together wrong - too many eyes and legs, and no soul blinking back from those hard, hungry, eyes. Eight foot from tip to tail, with glass-black teeth, it was easy to see it as just another new-world monster, kicking over trees in its effort to take a chunk of me. Only when I'd blown its head off did I remember - this was Lars. This damned continent, this fresh new chance, had corrupted him. Had taken the only thing that ever mattered to me, and broke him down worse that the streets of Akemas ever could. And I had led him here. This was on me.
— Klaas Marsinger, Explorer for the Arsanger Trader Company

What happens to the Twisted?

In general, the Twisted are considered an abomination, a rare, monstrous and unwelcome side-effect of the Transformation process. Since they can often be dangerous to themsevles and others, they are usually killed. This is seen as a mercy killing.   Some Twisted sufferers are lucky enough to retain their sapience and personality. These suffers usually flee at the first sign of their condition, to avoid execution. The lucky ones are found by the Twisted Sisters before they are eaten by the dangerous creatures whcih roam the Nyrian jungles.    

Adventure hooks

  • Since transformations are becoming incraesingly common in Nyria, rogue Twisted hunting the forest are also on the rise. These make useful random encounters.
  • Twisted are also routinely hunted by Eledrihm nations. The party may be asked to hunt one down to prove their loyalty to the faction.
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