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Shadow Hallucinations

Everything glowing of a faint purple hue not too dark but also not bright and cheery. There are shadows flirting just there, well, maybe. Are they there? There is another one to the right- it keeps going out of my vision. This is real. No. It isn't. The glow is it getting brighter- I cannot see anything. So bright. I cannot see anything.   Blink. Blink.   All of a sudden the shadows are tearing towards me. No, this isn't real.   Blink. Blink. Shakes head. Blinks.   They are coming. They are coming for me. Right at me.
by Canva
  Shadow Hallucinations can take may different forms they can be of people or monsters or anything in-between. They are startling and seem to come out of no where. You have the feeling of being watched and followed. You are paranoid and unable to think of anything but the shadows.  


There are currently three known ways to be inflicted with Shadow Hallucinations:
  1. Over using the drug, Tease
  2. Being around Shroud of Silence and interacting with the Shadow People
  3. There are many traps that have been created with this magical illusion


Tease: There are few healers that will heal those who have abused the drug. If you do find someone, you better be willing to pay a high price.
Shadow People: Normally by the time you are able to find someone with healing powers you are about out of the hallucinations or are completly enthralled.


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