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22 Kythron 264

Currently reworking parts of Ethrosa. There may be some inconsistencies along the way.

Ethrosa has been created with playing in Dungeons and Dragons 5e, though it is easily adaptable. Ethrosa is mainly a high magic/high fantasy world that has pockets of low or no magic and highly advanced in technology. There is an abundance of new life, wild phenoniums, voids of magic, creatures appearing from thin air, and general choas.   The War of Crystalize Destruction destroyed much of the known Ethrosa and a few countries were established to get away from the war. Ethrosa, a new planet, has much to discover and much to loose. It is the perfect place to hide.... or is it? Ethrosa is one planet within the universe of Kleodadlynn.  
A small piece of debris gently floats through the air meeting and connecting with another and another and so on until the last debris piece collides into the larger mass erupting in a blanket of pure screeching white.   A speck of glistening rock. This is Eso. A shattering of a planet resulting in a rather large chunk of material soaring through the air. This is Tyhne. A shimmering shinning boulder of a rock gravitates towards other of its kind growing into an impressive glint pushing its way through the air. This is Hilitrop. A jagged boulder ripped its way through the air. This is Ranthen. A flowy round pebble of a planet make ripples as it flows through the air. This is Oxbowfen. A ball of flame scorches through the air leaving only dust in its path. This is Scor. A soft tendrils of a planet reaches its way through the air. This is Aron.   It was bound to happen, a new planet to be created. It was time. The gods were growing bored of the current happenings and needed to spice it up. Corellon, Tempus, Leira, Umberlee, Lanthander, Moradin, and Eldath, threw together their planets watching the show of beautiful splashes of color, light, fire, water, and greenery collide together in the seven part explosion. In the end, the gods called it Ethrosa following their planets' names Eso, Tyhne, Hilitrop, Ranthen, Oxbowfen, Scor, and Aron, respectively.


Tribe of the Quested Curse

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Memoir, Mystic, and Mischief

Dungeons & Dragons 5e