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Tease is derived from a beautifully delicate bright purple flower native to Dragon Blood Forest called Viotease. Tease, the drug, is made when smashed up Viotease and tree sap are brought to a boil until it reaches a slightly tacky liquid. It is mainly drank or made into what looks like chewy candy. Tease tastes like sweet white grape and citrus that lingers for hours after consuming it.   Tease is a common drug throughout Cocophymal with the common distributors being from the Undercrown.   The effects of Tease vary on how long you have been using and how much you take. For infrequent users it is a pleasant experience as you gain an euphoric effect where you feel light and airy with an uncanny ability to sweet talk a romantic partner for 2d6 hours. You see magical creatures have a slight purple glow for the same amount of time you can sweet talk a romantic partner.   If you are addicted to Tease, and becoming addicted does not take long, you can fall under the effects of Shadow Hallucinations with the duration anywhere between 1d20 hours on a successful DC 17 intelligence check and 2d20 on a failed intelligence check. The euphoric and the sweet talking lasts 2d4 hours as a heavy user.


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