Bellicose Demeanor

While there had been isolated cases observed around the galaxy, the first studies were done when multiple numbers of Skittermanders became belligerent while working on mining ships in the Dalkit 422 System. Known for being rather docile and always helpful, this extreme out of character behavior was brought to the attention of authorities when miners were unable to continue working.   The condition manifests seemingly randomly in Skittermanders who are on mining ships. It causes them to refuse to work and cooperate and in some cases, when not recognnized early enough, some have become violent, injuring fellow crew and themselves.   The Vesk authorities were contacted and sent medical and scientific assistance almost immediately, as they were deeply concerned of a universal outbreak which would cause severe issues in the home system.   Word has spread quickly and many Skittermanders are becoming aware and very scared of becoming unhelpful as that is diametrically opposed to everything they are. Whereas in the past they were perfectly happy to be of whatever help they could be and easily fit into groups of varied species, some are very afraid to venture out on their own where, if they were to become infected, might bring a bad representation of their species.

Transmission & Vectors

A type of radiation sickness that appears to only affect Skittermanders. It was first observed in the Dalkit 422 System, although now that it has been observed more often there, it has been diagnosed in other systems with a large number of asteroid belts.
Nanite / Mechanical
Extremely Rare


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