Facial Pattern Baldness

By the Beard! I've lost my beard!
— Dastot Regumar, beardless dwarf
  The most feared of ailments among Dwarven society, even more feared than not being drunk, Facial Pattern Baldness is a horrendous condition that permanently disfigures the faces of millions of dwarves every year.  


There is no known cause. A genetic root was searched for early on due to similarities with male pattern baldness in Humans, but no identifiable genetic cause was found, nor were signs of hormonal imbalance.   Various superstitions have arisen around this disfiguring ailment with seemingly no natural cause. Management says it's a symptom of spending too much time drinking beer and not enough hard work, but few believe this.  


The symptoms are striking, and in the eyes of dwarves, disfiguring. It begins with a gradual thinning of one's facial hair. The mighty strands of hair that make up the beard, mustache, side burns, and even eyebrows start to fall out at an alarming rate until the unfortunate dwarf's face is as smooth as polished marble.  
Truly, a fate worse than being sober!
— Olon Lakishducim, beardless dwarf


Management of the Dwarven Mining Corporations claim it can be prevented by spending less time in the bar drinking and more time working, but few dwarves actually believe that.  


Facial Pattern Baldness was completely unheard of before the dwarves took to the skies in the search of new worlds. It only started to appear with the rise of the powerful Dwarven Mining Corporations. The very first case made headlines across the galaxy, as while shaving off one's facial hair does happen, having your beard fall off and being unable to regrow it is simply impossible.  
Breaking News: Dwarf Suffers Personal Catastrophe, Beard Falls Off!
  While the first case was met with shock and sympathy, more cases started to appear and public perception rapidly shifted to horror and revulsion. Many sufferers suddenly found themselves shunned and outcast. Charities were set up to help the victims, and foundations were founded in vain to look into a cause and cure.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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Thanks! As for the beards, it shall remain a mystery...

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Ouch! Those poor dwarves, that is a cruel fate indeed! And oh, what an odd coincidence that the condition first appeared when the Dwarven Mining Corporations rose, and that it can (allegedly) be prevented by working hard... ;)

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