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Water Stone

Developed by the Angels, to kill off the Higher Creations, Water Stone is named after the contraction of the disease, through water, and the effect, turning to stone. It has caused massive devastation through out Higher ranks. Being so inffective, the Higher stay far away from water when ever they can, unless ordered to it. The Angels simply have to dump water with the virus in it, to inffect water with it.

Transmission & Vectors

Contracted through contact with water, Water Stone was first contracted by a Higher Creations during the battles for the L-5 region, when he touched the water. The disease is contracted through contact with water, but spread air. It has also be observed to attach to Sea Serpent, and carried across the L-5 regions. It does not infect Various Creations, but does make them carriers.


When contacted, you may feel a bit stiff, maybe it takes a bit effort to move yourself out of a resting position that before. After around twenty hours, you will notice your skin begin to take a gray shade. After thirty hours your hands and feet will be completely numb, and with in forty your entire body will be numb. After forty-five your entire body besides you head will be turned to stone. Soon your head will be consumed as well, and you will shatter within the hour.



Hosts & Carriers

Carried mostly by Various Creations, as they are not effected by it. As well as Sea Serpents, other hosts, such as the P-series where not suitable carriers. Various have slaughtered by the thousands to prevent the spread of the disease. It has been noted that Angels have sometimes been carriers, though it is unknown if it effects them at all.


A outbreak begins with a Higher Creation touches iffected water, once that happens it is quickly spread, as it is spread through air transmission. Once a Various Creation has become a carrier, there is a ninety-nine percent chance of the entire local population of Higher dying within the week. It if it not quarantined, then there is a possibility the Sea Serpents carrying it to other camps.

Cultural Reception

At first is was a very feared disease, the first outbreak caused massive terror in the Empire of the Son. As time went on however, effective quarantine techniques where developed, and so it was easier to contain. Still the local effect is devastating, and causes massive disruptions in the Empires plans. Although cures are rapidly being developed, the Empire seems nowhere near to creating one.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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