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The L regions are split into two parts, Eden, and L-5. Eden consists of two large bodies of water, near Eden of course. While L-5 consists of three, the biggest being L-5, officially they are called East and West, but most call them Eden and L-5. Eden has the largest body of water L-1, it is very clam and docile, like it's partner L-2. L-5's largest it L-5, with L-5 being the main point for the War, the water is very chaotic, as the rumblings of near by battles cause disturbance with in the water.


The Eden portion is inactive so attention is focused on the L-5. The main predator of the region is the Sea Serpent, with it hunting everything else. However it is cabalistic and so younger ones are often eaten, keeping their population low enough to not hunt everything to extinction. Most other creatures feed on P-series that dot the edges of the region. They are sometimes eaten by Various Creations as well.

Localized Phenomena

Although regarded as a normal body of water by the Angels, the eastern portion of the region is regarded with much superstition and fear by the Various Creations, hence myths such as the Terror of Eden, and others. The reason is a unnatural, at least for them, calmness of it's waters, as well as the misty fog that sometimes settle over the region. It is popular belief that choppy waters come from an abundance of life, so therefore the Eden region must be devoid of it. This leads to the question, what ate everything, and if so, could it still be their, maybe it generates the mist, as a cover for it emerging from the water to eat things on land, etc.

Fauna & Flora

The most notable creature as of now is the Sea Serpent, while other smaller Angelic creatures swim with in both areas. P-series grow in large amounts across the edges of both regions. Most of the water is empty though. This may change with the increased breeding of Sea Serpents, and maybe something else, and need more food for them, aka Angelic creatures. In the Eden region, fauna counts have remained stable.


Noteable events:   Creation: Year of 4   Expansion from two bodies of water to five: Year of 34   L-5 body being captured by the Empire of the Son: Year of 52
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