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Terror of Eden


A horror story based around a certain gruop of Angels slowly being devoured by a creature emerging from the ponds of the Eden section of the L-Regions. Created by the fact that that portion of the region is regarded with terror by the Various Creations, (Futher information present at "LOCALIZED PHENOMENA" in L-Regions). There are ussally four, though sometimes five, and they all are there for various reasons, for fun, to test some new exprement, maybe to investigate the creature that's been eating people recently etc. They all die in the end though.

Historical Basis

Although not regarded as real by Higher Creations, it is certainly real to the Various Creations, they story itself is fabricated, but the creature is real. This is because of a assumption that the Angels have already created their own Sea Serpent in response to the Empire of the Son's, and it could be much bigger and lethal than theirs.


It's very rare to here this story up north, but near the L-Regions, it's very common, it spread quickly as a tale to tell after a battle, or before heading off to Eden. It's spread was mostly induced by the capturing of the L-5 region, causeing many to wonder what lay ahead. It's spread halted as it reached the north though, as that region had no connection to the L-Regions, and so had np bais for the story.

Variations & Mutation

Although a pretty hard tale to twist, versions do sometimes vary from tale to tale, such as the inclusion of a fifth Angel. It is possible that this stems from the rule of odds, in which the Angels often have things in evens, and therefore the Empire of the Son must have things in odds. Other variations include multiple monsters instead of one. If a Higher Creation tells that tale, some do, it's often which a mcuh lighter tone, as they do not view the Angels with such fear, and so do not think of the monster so scary.
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