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Glow deficiency

In The Pit, there's no real day and night cycle. Instead, The Tree which floats in the middle of it produces the light shining through the layers of The Pit, changing its intensity, allowing the plants to grow and scaring away most of the monsters. And while just after the Awakening the influence of the Glow on humans was still unknown, a few years later, some unlucky souls discovered what happens when one leaves it suddenly for a prolonged time.
They suffer from Glow deficiency.  

Who can be affected?

The only people who can suffer from Glow deficiency are the ones who haven't left the area it affects for at least 5 years. Those who travel in or out of the said area or live completely outside of it will never suffer from the condition.  

The symptoms

After 6 days after the last "dose" of the Glow, the body of the affected person starts to suffer from severe fatigue. At that stage, the symptoms include:
  • Muscle pain
  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision and even halucinations
  • Problems with focus and concentration
  • Insomnia
  After 7 days and with each passing day, there's a growing chance that the affected person will fall into a coma.  


Once one starts to suffer from the symptoms of Glow deficiency, the only way to help them is to bring them back to the areas illuminated by the Glow. In those cases, the affected wake up from the coma within few hours and the other symptoms disappear after a day or two.

The first case

The first known case of Glow deficiency happened on the 6th year of Awakening, during one research expeditions to The Depths. Out of an expedition of 12, only 3 people survived, 1 of them being the unaffected guide, a woman who often traveled to the layers below. She managed to pull the two comatose researchers back to the settlement on the border between the areas affected and unaffected by the Glow.  


To prevent suffering from this condition, asides from leaving the Glow for less than one week, one only needs to prepare their body by making a few shorter breaks from its influence. A simple act of spending one week by going into or out of the area affected by it each day can completely protect one from the deficiency. The same result can be achieved by making 1-hour trips outside for about a month.

Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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