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Psychic Infirmity

Psychic Infirmity can be caused by a number of things, but most commonly it is attributed to an attack from a Luxani. The basic premise is the bind between the psyche and body is torn, if it is not repaired it can lead to complete separation of the body and soul.


If a Luxani feeds to much from ones psyche one will contract the disease. It is also possible for some sort of spiritual or psychic phenomenon to cause this as well, such as a damaged silver cord.  

Reasons you have Psychic Infirmity that aren't a Luxani

1 A hag is haunting you at night.
2 A incubus/succubus didn't give you after care.
3 Camera almost stole your soul.
4 Sold it to the company store and they are cashing in on the debt.
5 Attacked by an ethereal creature (wraith, space whale, void worms, etc)
6 Gamma radiation!
7 Too much time back and forth from the ether
8 Psychic Stalker.
9 Beaten to a pulp/Fell down some stairs.
10 Lost an item that was harmonized with you.
11 Exposure to the void.
12 Ingested something you shouldn't have.


The early stages have similar effects to heat exhaustion; headache, light headedness, and nausea. The disease carries on much stronger though. The second phase starts after the subject wakes the next day. Optical migraines and exhaustion dominate this phase as the patients psyche leaks from their body. This phase lasts between five and ten days, and ends with a soulless body and a bodyless soul.


The only know treatment is seeing a psychic surgeon. As a psychic surgeon is generally a hustler they are sometimes hard to find. This is the only thing curable by a psychic surgeon.


The body goes into a comatose state and the spirit becomes a wraith, bound to wherever the seperation happened. Both parts continue to function normally but can never be joined again.
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Chronic, Acquired

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