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Psychic Vampires, The Grays

Beings of space and the Astral Sea, the Luxani are a people of two worlds. Having no home system they wander the Astral Sea and The Dark seeking treasure, adventure, and sustinance.   Luxani feed off of other beings. Some find it enough to simply be around and absorb psychic vibrations that are created by all things. The closer to sentience, the more power the vibrations hold. Luxani can focus and feed on something that is alive; so much in fact it can give the creature Psychic Infirmity, or even cause death. Due to this, the Luxani are avoided by most and looked upon with suspicion by other beings.   To feed with abandon, greedy and lazy Luxani are sometimes slavers and are feared by anyone not strong enough to take them on. These slavers can be sighted as a cause for derilict ships often found in the Astral Sea.   Luxani are travelers, most travel in a familial clan, many group together as treasure hunters or traders. Many sought after things can be found in The Dark and the Astral Sea. that are easily aquired by one who know how to travel them. From rare metals, energy of a star, or parts of a dead god, if you want something found you could do worse than an intrepid Luxani.   Ships being their home, a luxani ship is always prepared. Stocked with weapons, trade (or space for plunder), and other beings, Luxani are wont to be caught empty handed. Secret compartments are commonly placed everywhere on the ship, whether for money, contraband or a trick or two that they keep ready for disasters.   Luxani are bipedal beings with a height ranging from 5 foot 5 inches to 7 feet tall. They are more lankey then not, although some become large when they gorge themselves on psychic vibrations. Luxani are sometimes called grays because of their gray skin that differs slightly in hue. Their faces are roughly humanoid with flat nose and no ears. Their eyes are almond shape and a solid color and they have a vertical slit about 3 inches long for a mouth. Their lightly shaded hair ranges from grey to blue. A full head of hair is uncommon for a Luxani more that 30 years old, falling out while in their 20s, but some have a full (or partial) head of hair) until their death. Their lifespan is 100 years, but some have made deals that keep them alive much longer.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Latin or phoenician names work well for Luxani.


Common Dress code

2d6 Outfit Predominate Color
1 Uniform Skin Gray
2 Overalls Plaid
3 Suit Purple
4 Jeans and a tee Maroon
5 Dress/Robe Blue
6 Cardigan and slacks Tweed
7 Onesie Grimy white
8 Sweatsuit Dark Yellow
9 Yoga Pants Black
10 Short Shorts Pink Sequined
11 Lamet Pantsuit Gold
12 Tunic and Baggy Shorts Tan
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