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Gavril Vorpadaran

Count Gavril Vorpadaran

Count Gavril Vorpadaran tries to be a responsible leader for his people. He engineers changes in society by quiet decisions, such as his move to loan the Alliance to Restore the Republic a bolthole on the House Vorpadaran hidden property in Dendarii System.
This has sometimes worked out very poorly for him.
He has also tried to be a responsible father to his three sons, giving each a turn as his "Count's Voice" either in the Vorpadaran District or at the Council of Counts. Alexander appeared to take it seriously (but was secretly making connections for after-hours events with his peers). Peter hated every minute of it and begged off after a few months. Danar seems to love it -- when he is available at all -- often getting into intense political intrigues just like his cousin Miles Vorkosigan.


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Count Vorpadaran
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