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The Bonejackers are a loosely connected organization of swoop gangs, the first of which originated in the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa 40 years prior to the start of the Clone Wars. Since that time, they have spread to many worlds across Hutt Space and onto the more populated worlds in the Outer Rim .


Bonejacker swoop members are identified by a dark black band stained in a slashing line across their eyes and the gang's emblem tattooed on a visible part of their body. That emblem - a fist gripping a femur - is sometimes embellished with phosphorescent paint.


Like all swoop gangs, they use customized swoop bikes. With Bonejackers, this includes nitrus boost capacity to the already powerful vehicles.




Bonejacker gang structure is divided into a collection of jobs performed by each swoop gang cell. Despite their unsettling appearance, the Bonejacker organization is not tyrannical but democratic. They elect their leaders from among their number, though the criteria are limited to the number of successful grave robberies, organ harvest jobs, and so on. A leader serves in this capacity for up to five years, or until there's a majority vote of 'no faith'. At that time, they're replaced through another vote.


The gang is divided into the following 'ranks' or 'jobs':

  • Burners - These are the rank and file of the gang. They are called 'burners' because they are armed with flamethrower pistols, that are slightly larger than a heavy blaster pistol, besides other weapons.
  • Shivers - Stealth and assassin specialists
  • Bullybusters - The biggest of the gang, known for their immense strength and often enhanced further through cybernetic additions.
  • Gearmongers - The mechanics and techs of the gang. They keep the gang's equipment functional and foiling attempts at local law enforcement from tracking them down.

Public Agenda


Bonejackers, not counting Shivers, aren't known for 'quiet'. They are rather open about their agendas and goals. While they engage in spice smuggling and extortion/blackmail schemes, they are most known for grave robbery and theft of art objects or other valuables from the dead.


Bonejackers are often contracted by other criminal syndicates to perform tomb raiding or other grave robbery services from stealing the bones of the deceased to raiding morgues and hospitals to harvest organs.

Illicit, Syndicate


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