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Elektra Kaur

Born a mutant, raised a Buddhist, needs to decide if she is going to be a nun or a superhero.

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Storytelled by Kummer Wolfe
Played by

Other Characters by Jarissa


Hero Points


(* Linked Powers)

Electric Being 3

Energy Absorption (limit: Electricity only) 10

Force Shield 6

Lightning 5

Magnetic Control 9

Reflection/Deflection 6


Magnetic Control has the Special Effect: all the PLUSES and MINUSES of being shaped live electric current.

All Power usage has a Special Effect: Made of Glowing Circuitry. I’m not going to take that as a Power Limitation right now because the case of an opponent using it to defeat me would be 1) special circumstances, and 2) roleplaying!


(* Linked Skills)
Acrobatics 5

Artist (sculptor) 6

Detective 3

Martial Artist 4

Scientist 2

Thief (stealth, security systems) 5

Weaponry (melee) 5


Connection (Low, SUNY)

Headquarters (Expansive)

Scholar (circuitry)

Security Clearance (medium, SAFEGUARD)

Sharp Eye (not blind)


Mistrust (mandatory)

Secret Identity

Loss Vulnerability: Being electrically grounded {static charge, needs to be grounded somehow when not actively using powers} (0 APs) (all powers and skills)


Spiritual advisor
: Wealth 0 ( Approx. Annual Income : $1250)



I had an adventure with one of the SUNY students and a fellow teacher, and in the process of stopping the villain I lost my ability to do several things. Especially my ability to generate the circuitry for teleportation. I really, sincerely want that back.


Benchmark (based on current attributes above)

DEX (Dexterity)
The individual has agility equivalent to one who practices athletic abilities beyond what is required for daily living. Example: police officers, fire fighters, dancers, etc.

STR (Strength)
The individual has exceptional human strength. Lifting range: 400-800 pounds.

BODY (Body)
The individual is conditioned to withstand moderate damage without great pain. They may withstand blunt attacks as a prizefighter or a martial artist.

INT (Intelligence)
This individual is the equivalent of a particularly bright high school student.

WILL (Willpower)
The person has a focused will and can summon the courage to save victims from hazardous situations such burning buildings. They might naively risk his life for stories or glory.

MIND (Mind)
This person's mind is conditioned to withstand stressful conditions similar to those faced by police officers, firemen and doctors.

INFL (Influence)
This person has the ability to hold and draw the attention of a small audience.

AURA (Aura)
This individual possesses an aura equivalent to a very amiable person, such as an actor or a priest.

SPIRIT (Spirit)
The person's Spirit is equivalent to that of an individual who can weather an assault on his or her core beliefs.

This person can afford to spend up to $25 per week


August 19, 2009


by Elektra Kaur

Ninjas in green led by a woman in blue come to announce that they are taking the Bell away from Madame Von Brandenburg. They scorn each other and part-chameleon minions all in white suddenly separate from the wall.
Meanwhile all of Madame Von Brandenburg's scientist minions are putting on black gloves trimmed in yellow.
I link my electromagnetic phase to the Bell's and try to teleport. Succeed! But only to a nearby hallway.
While I try to update my Team Leader on what I have learned, a man with darkness powers (???) tries to steal the Bell in the name of something called "SHADE".
I reconnect to the Bell and am dragged away with it into the pool of darkness!
Since I am having trouble with teleportation, I try extending my Electric Being field around "my body", which is the Bells and possibly the network between them. The device on the side of the Bell is a transdimensional locator. Something has already received a signal. Ohhhhh dear.
Archaeopotamus in the grass below the building is having things to do with all the men of this team but I am not coming out of phase.
A jackal man is in fact Mr. Von Brandenburg!
I wonder if I am better connected to the Bell?
I wonder if I can summon all of "myself" into this space so that we can be One and we can focus and could try to reach an enlightened state of being together.
... I have all of the Bells appearing here in "mushroom circle" form ...
Team Leader Agent Chameleon wants to know if I can take all of the Bells to another dimension, using the Stargates inside them, where they will be out of reach.
I take a deep breath.
"Yes. I can."
I pass the Blue Ring to a courier -- Loki, on the advice of Psypher; Loki, God of Stories, who will see this woman's story with the ring to a proper start.
I ask Captain Fel for an image of the coordinates for the far away place where the Thanagarians came from. This is a spot that fits most of our requirements: no one is there, it will do the one who answered the signal no good in coming to Earth, it will not increase the danger to Earth, it will bring almost all of the Bells far out of reach of all the villains. Captain Fel has an easier time connecting me to his ship first, which can act as a relay.
SO MANY ATTACKERS arrive right now!
I have to concentrate to ignore the combat for a few seconds before I can move us to the Endupaar in a very bright flash of light.
Loki shuts that portal down.
I get ready to go through. Captain Fel is asking me again if I am sure.
I am about to transmit when Sahara suddenly asks about putting the transdimensional locator into Saturn's gas cloud and then MOVE the Endupaar. What a nifty idea! Agent Chameleon detaches the locator from the large Bell and they put it in a little probe and send it away.
Agent Chameleon decides everyone will go to Thanagar, and guard me from interference while I settle and try to detach the Bells from me (and vice versa) throughout the magnetosphere of the planet. Agent Chameleon then instructs me on what to look for as I examine the magnetosphere, and when I am disconnected he has us go back through the gate to the Endupaar.
When it is done, Captain Fel says he can return us to Matumaini.
Did we not still have people to rescue?
We get back to Matumaini and the crystal pillars are all glowing blue-white.
Loki tries to fix it with his Tesseract cube, says "Oh my," and disappears. He tells Sahara that he thinks General Zod is free of King Solovar's prison.

Elektra's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

  1. I would like to eat a food.
    August 15, 2009
  2. Welcome to the City of Hope
    August 18, 2009
  3. Reconnoiter in the Jungle
    August 19, 2009
  4. House Call
    August 19, 2009
  5. Phases
    August 19, 2009

The major events and journals in Elektra's history, from the beginning to today.

Welcome to the City of Hope

King Solovar offers us medical care, resupply, and a meal, but cannot allow us to enter his city of Matumaini. He says he has a refugee population living there, and he cannot allow us to enter nor to take pictures with our phones. He wants us to leave onc...

02:59 am - 15.06.2019

Reconnoiter in the Jungle

We get clean, and clean clothes, and more food, and some information. We need to go reconnoiter the Van Brandenberg property near Matumaini because the Van Brandenbergs may be a threat to this hidden city. After, we will probably need to go talk to the ge...

04:27 am - 29.06.2019

House Call

When the Jeep parks in the garage at the Von Brandenburg complex, it then sinks down into the bedrock on a concealed platform. Clear doors slide shut above us. Once we have truly arrived, Dr. Von Brandenburg addresses me as "Agent Elektra" (which is not [...

02:52 am - 10.08.2019


Ninjas in green led by a woman in blue come to announce that they are taking the Bell away from Madame Von Brandenburg. They scorn each other and part-chameleon minions all in white suddenly separate from the wall. Meanwhile all of Madame Von Brandenb...

03:01 am - 24.08.2019

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Elektra.

Played by

Other Characters by Jarissa