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Elektra Kaur

Born a mutant, raised a Buddhist, needs to decide if she is going to be a nun or a superhero.


Right To The Bone

Run by Kummer Wolfe
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Storytelled by Kummer Wolfe
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Hero Points


(* Linked Powers)

Electric Being 3

Energy Absorption (limit: Electricity only) 10

Force Shield 6

Lightning 5

Magnetic Control 9

Reflection/Deflection 6


Magnetic Control has the Special Effect: all the PLUSES and MINUSES of being shaped live electric current.

All Power usage has a Special Effect: Made of Glowing Circuitry. I’m not going to take that as a Power Limitation right now because the case of an opponent using it to defeat me would be 1) special circumstances, and 2) roleplaying!


(* Linked Skills)
Acrobatics 5

Artist (sculptor) 6

Detective 3

Martial Artist 4

Scientist 2

Thief (stealth, security systems) 5

Weaponry (melee) 5


Connection (Low, SUNY)

Headquarters (Expansive)

Scholar (circuitry)

Security Clearance (medium, SAFEGUARD)

Sharp Eye (not blind)


Mistrust (mandatory)

Secret Identity

Loss Vulnerability: Being electrically grounded {static charge, needs to be grounded somehow when not actively using powers} (0 APs) (all powers and skills)


Spiritual advisor
: Wealth 0 ( Approx. Annual Income : $1250)



I had an adventure with one of the SUNY students and a fellow teacher, and in the process of stopping the villain I lost my ability to do several things. Especially my ability to generate the circuitry for teleportation. I really, sincerely want that back.


Benchmark (based on current attributes above)

DEX (Dexterity)
The individual has agility equivalent to one who practices athletic abilities beyond what is required for daily living. Example: police officers, fire fighters, dancers, etc.

STR (Strength)
The individual has exceptional human strength. Lifting range: 400-800 pounds.

BODY (Body)
The individual is conditioned to withstand moderate damage without great pain. They may withstand blunt attacks as a prizefighter or a martial artist.

INT (Intelligence)
This individual is the equivalent of a particularly bright high school student.

WILL (Willpower)
The person has a focused will and can summon the courage to save victims from hazardous situations such burning buildings. They might naively risk his life for stories or glory.

MIND (Mind)
This person's mind is conditioned to withstand stressful conditions similar to those faced by police officers, firemen and doctors.

INFL (Influence)
This person has the ability to hold and draw the attention of a small audience.

AURA (Aura)
This individual possesses an aura equivalent to a very amiable person, such as an actor or a priest.

SPIRIT (Spirit)
The person's Spirit is equivalent to that of an individual who can weather an assault on his or her core beliefs.

This person can afford to spend up to $25 per week


August 19, 2009

Reconnoiter in the Jungle

by Elektra Kaur

We get clean, and clean clothes, and more food, and some information. We need to go reconnoiter the Van de Bergh property near Matumaini because the Van de Berghs may be a threat to this hidden city. After, we will probably need to go talk to the genuine Hammer Empire commando squad of five to ten people.
Minzi and Corporal Adani will be escorting us to the edge of the area that we will reconnoiter. They have bone conduction comms gear for us to use on this work.
I get to ride a rhinoceros for the second time. I am all smiles!
After the rhinoceros ride, we have to walk for two hours before we reach a pond near the wall of the Van de Bergh area. It looks like a twenty foot tall wrought iron gate in a foreboding wall. The wall seems to be wrought iron fencing. It has a strong electromagnetic field, and the grass does not grow within an inch or two of it.
Sahara says he could make a staircase that goes above the wall and back down the other side. Psypher says he could jump over it. Chameleon says there are security cameras built into every fourth gnarl in the wrought iron pattern. Loki says he could create an illusion for a distraction.
Loki will make an illusion of antelope coming from very far away. When they pass near here, an already dead tree will be knocked over (really by Kabuki) to fall onto the wall. We will see what happens to the wall, what happens to the dead tree, and whether someone comes out to clean it up. I climb up a tree on the opposite side of the pond where I will have plenty of height for a good concealed view of everything that happens. Sahara disperses himself and floats up 200 ft in the air.
The dead tree had bats in it. So it kind of exploded when it hit that fence.
A man in a ghillie suit appears on the far side of the wall, looks at the situation and talks into a radio. He sprays something on himself when he sees one of the giant prehistoric jackals near him. Four other guys in ghillie suits rise up and then all of them pull back away from the fence. They eventually settle down and vanish into the grass on the inside of the wall.
We hear a faint whine as a flock of drones come out of the trees inside the wall. They go to the tree and spray it with a fire suppression foam.
More than 400 yards away is a group of ebony trees that have a suspended walkway up in the area of their crowd, and there are people up there who are up there using it as an observation point.

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Welcome to the City of Hope

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02:59 am - 15.06.2019

Reconnoiter in the Jungle

We get clean, and clean clothes, and more food, and some information. We need to go reconnoiter the Van Brandenberg property near Matumaini because the Van Brandenbergs may be a threat to this hidden city. After, we will probably need to go talk to the ge...

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