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In the break between sessions, we need our PCs to fill in some information on each of his or her characters. Here's a convenient way to do so! You are able to edit your character with all sorts of nifty information, and you can edit your character sheet so your Attributes are not 0! You could even have Powers, Skills, Advantages, Drawbacks, and Equipment!


In our first session back in play for 2019, we will do something about your Images.


This system uses BBCode for its formatting. You can get some great info on how to do BBCode from the World Anvil Codex's Guide to BBCode Commands!


By the end of February 2019, we expect to close this "campaign" and get into normal usage of World Anvil for our Right to the Bone adventuring. Please don't create Logs or Adventure Journals until you hear that we know how to make those exist after a campaign ends.

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24th May 2019

Test Case: Glorious 24th of May

Can Taki enter a session for which I'm also the Storyteller, create a journal during session, link to session, Sign and Post, and then edit it while still in session? Or does it 404?


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Elektra Kaur