August 19, 2009

House Call

by Elektra Kaur

When the Jeep parks in the garage at the Von Brandenburg complex, it then sinks down into the bedrock on a concealed platform. Clear doors slide shut above us. Once we have truly arrived, Dr. Von Brandenburg addresses me as "Agent Elektra" (which is not quite accurate) and it turns out that someone named "Simon Kincaid" is here to go fight "Agent Chameleon".
Dr. Teleios absolutely accepts my respect and admiration and deference as a part of the natural order of things. He has INDEED had problems with the very-strong-nearly-human alien aggressors, in fact they stole one of Dr. Teleios's Brilliant Experiments and may have damaged it.
Dr. Tatiana Von Brandenburg wants to tempt me into her genocidal plan.
I am having to keep on as someone who knows a very little about Kryptonians but to whom the idea of aliens with wings, "Thanagarians" (which I keep having trouble pronouncing), is entirely new and oh so disturbing.
Now I have been left alone to think about the Doctors' offer to put me as the "guide" for a sentient quantum computer which will sort the "aggressive" Kryptonians and Thanagarians and "transplant" them to a contained habitat in Dr. Teleios's base in Antartica.
This is definitely a trap.
While the gentlemen start carefully poking at things, I take off my shoes (and put them in my pocket) and kneel down to "pray". By now, I know the electromagnetic circuit of the Bell-related gates. I probably cannot "sense" them when I don't even know where to look. ((I haven't bought that power yet.)) But I can push into a sphere emanating from me the kind of disruption pattern that I have used before to weaken that circuit. I am going to do so, or at least try, and maintain it until I get some kind of reaction from people.
Oh yes.
That circuit is a bell related circuit -- the large circuit about one story below me. The one that is now reacting and testing my sphere. The bell emissions synch in harmony with mine... and the ring I carry.
So I try to modify to a shut-down cycle, which works BUT NOW there are many other smaller Bell-portal circuits linked to it? There are many small emissions going out beyond my range.
I stand up and quietly say, "I have made my decision. I know my path." And then add something quiet about the many bells....
Several stories down through the maintenance passages, I find the room with the large Bell and many scientists either 3d printing things or else analyzing the Bell network around the world. They want to set off a signal that will bounce off the Earth's magnetosphere from the inside. One says there's a chance of it going very wrong. The other one says (first) that it's a 0.5 % chance and later that it's a 5% chance.
So to stall, I tell them that's why I am here. I am linked to the Earth's magnetosphere. I can enhance harmony. I do not understand all the things they are saying, but I do understand harmony. BUT FIRST! All things that might cause any energy spike or strong power, must be completely depowered, not even a residual charge. Microwaves! Cell phones! Wireless charging stations! Cell towers! All sorts of things.
They scurry to work. One calls Dr. Von Brandenburg to tell her that I am here and I have agreed to the plan.

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