August 18, 2009

Welcome to the City of Hope

by Elektra Kaur

King Solovar offers us medical care, resupply, and a meal, but cannot allow us to enter his city of Matumaini. He says he has a refugee population living there, and he cannot allow us to enter nor to take pictures with our phones. He wants us to leave once we are recovered, taking the Kryptonian prisoners with us -- especially including Zod.
Our transit across the skies of northern Africa can be obscured with information from the Perseid meteor shower, which peaked a week ago.
Then, after stating what help he will give us, King Solovar asks us what we know about "the bell".
This all started with a set of heiroglyphics and a holographic map, a list of destinations that included the lost tomb of Alexander the Great; and the Palais de Papis in Avignon, France; Wewelsburg Castle in Wewelsburg, Germany; a place we have not investigated closely in the Himalayas; and possibly that place with the ruins, that once was an Atlantean citadel.
I had a list. I think it got burned up when my phone was damaged, two or three fights ago?
We need to know *why* these "bells", these quantum reality manipulators, are here to be fought over in the first place. If we succeed in disabling, removing, or destroying them, will something bad happen?
It sounds like the Thanagarian engines might be like the _Heart of Gold_ from the _Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy_ novel series, in that the Thanagarian engine creates propulsion by rewriting its reality.
Suddenly the ground shakes! A bubble of energy races out from the ruin in which the Bell resides! It destroys things in its path! Uh oh!
We all try to stop the ringing of the quantum bell. The efforts of Psypher, Agent Chameleon, Sahara, and King Solovar do much better than mine: this energy field seems to have a repeating hexagonal shape like battery cells, not like an electric circuit that I really understand.
A hexagon is a six-sized crystalline molecule. But in our reality, there are 8 electrons! I activate my Electric Being, I power up my Lightning 5, and I focus on the center of this dome (which is probably the bell?) and stabilize it as if I am completing the electron bonds of this +2 ion version of whatever element this is. I concentrate it as if nothing else exists to me. And then I step toward it, bringing an "electron" at each pole of my magnetic sphere. I do get there, but I do not do very well at stabilizing it! At all! And the energy field is turning the trees into vines, the grass into other plants, this is NOT GOOD for ANYONE!
In the center of the energy sphere, the bell is singing. I try to sculpt the electromagnetic field of the bell into a *non-moving* bell of the exact same size ... it is not going very well. Sahara goes inside the bell's sockets and ports. He says there are shiny crystals and a tiny Stargate inside there! If only Agent Chameleon would tell us what to do about shutting down a tiny Stargate!
Kabuki says we can reshape this into a duplicate of something somewhere else. How about ... a physical iris to block/shut down the Stargate??
I need to sleep now.

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